10 Inspiring Small Kitchens

A lot of the kitchens we feature on this site are dramatic and beautiful and... well, huge. So today we've rounded up a selection of kitchens that are on the smaller side (some on the really small side) to inspire those of you who want a beautiful room for cooking, but don't have infinite space.

Above: this Parisian kitchen could not be any cuter, and is a great reminder that having a small space doesn't have to mean skimping on style.

A sloped ceiling makes this small kitchen, in a Swedish apartment spotted on Decor Demon, especially sweet.

A brick wall gives this little kitchen from Loving It a little extra character.

A small, streamlined kitchen in a Swedish apartment from The Style Files.

A lovely little kitchen from Estilos Deco.

Tall ceilings make this kitchen (spotted on SF Girl by Bay) feel much more spacious.

A little kitchen from House and Hold.

A high-contrast small kitchen from Fantastic Frank.

A sunny small kitchen from The Everygirl.

And finally, from The Style Files, a German kitchen that's small but beautifully bright.

(Image credits: Leela Cyd; Decor Demon; Loving It; The Style Files; Estilos Deco; SF Girl by Bay; House and Hold; Fantastic Frank; The Everygirl; The Style Files)