Layered Rugs

The other day we looked at a bunch of rooms that went unexpectedly without rugs or carpets, embracing a relaxed bare-floor look. Today let's go in the opposite direction: what does it look like when one rug just isn't enough. The most common look for layering rugs seems to be an animal hide (faux or no) over a sisal — this is probably the most neutral option. Other examples mix patterns and colors, sometimes creating a bohemian wonderland of textiles. Dusty, perhaps, but cozy and romantic!
Images: 1 Jenna Lyons layered a zebra hide over a Beni-Ourani rug, photo by Melanie Acevedo for Domino, via Bride's 2 Floral over plaid in this room designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber, via the decorologist 3 Layered Oriental rugs lend an air of mystery, via Matters of Style 4 Layered rugs keep this garden room feeling cozy, via Sara Says Awesome 5 Eclectic patterns layered in this room featured in House to Home, photo by Paul Raeside 6 Mixed stripes in the bedroom chez Lisa Maycock of Vena Cava, via Design Sponge 7 Nicole from So Haute layered a neutral hide over a neutral sisal, via Apartment Therapy 8 Mismatched oriental rugs serves a wall-to-wall carpet in this room, photo by Tony Cenicola for the New York Times 9 Oriental rugs layered in the J. Crew catalog, via Apartment Therapy 10 A zebra hide rug over an Oriental rug, via Sara Says Awesome.

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