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How to "Remake a House"

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A few years ago my parents bought a foreclosed house and totally renovated it, with the help of friends, neighbors, and volunteers.

They then turned it into something called a "transitional home" for a refugee family - a place for them to live at minimal rent for their first year in America, while they got their feet on the ground.

• The Stars: I am very thankful to Lisa and Greg Blumhagen, Abrehat Gebremariam, Embaba, Yodit and Tseneat Gebregzaber, and Semere Mahari for allowing me to tell a little bit of their story. (They were only okay with it when I explained to them that it might be an inspiration to other people, because it's a pretty amazing idea.)

• The Music: This is an instrumental version of one of my favorite songs off the album "Honest Mistakes" by Pete Miser - the title song, "Honest Mistakes". The full version is available for listen and purchase here.

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