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Name: Marco Fiorilo and Shanna Eldridge, their 5-year-old son, 4 chickens, 2 dogs and sea monkeys
Location: South — Austin, Texas
Size: 1186 square feet
Years lived in: Owned 2 and a half years

It's not a requirement that you own a hip furniture store to have a stylish house, but chances are if you do helm one of the hottest and trendiest furniture stores in Austin, you're probably going to have a cool house to match. The home of Marco Fiorilo and Shanna Eldridge, owners of Aviary Lounge and Home Decor in South Austin, doesn't disappoint.


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Don't think this is a stark, showroom-like space filled with barely-touched modern furniture pieces. Our favorite thing about Marco and Shanna's house is it shows just how talented and stylish they are; they didn't just stick to borrowing from their store's showroom. Instead, they culled together cutting edge design with vintage pieces, artwork, memorabilia from world travels, a bold and dramatic color palette and a sense of humor that shows they enjoy life and don't take decor too seriously.

That fun attitude toward living and design is reflected in both their home and their business: Aviary used to just be a design store, but now also sports a fun lounge with great food and drinks. Their home is also built for entertaining, with lots of interesting things to look at and welcoming for guests. The room of their 5-year-old son is full of imaginative details like a homemade rocket ship bed, fun striped Marmoleum flooring and lots of toys. And let's not gloss over the fact that at just over 1100 square feet, this isn't a huge house, and there's not a lot of natural light. Using their skills and talents they've created a beautiful, dramatic, bold home that works perfectly with the home's strengths and diminishes any size or light weaknesses.

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Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Extremely eclectic. No exact style.

Inspiration: Whatever inspires us at the moment.

Favorite Elements: We like the flow of our house.

Biggest Challenge: Living with one restroom.

What Friends Say: They like how comfortable is.

Biggest Embarrassment: My husband's dirty room (the extra room we weren't allowed to photograph!)

Proudest DIY: The garden, because it provides food for the family.

Biggest Indulgence: Wallpaper and flooring.

Biggest Advice: Make sure to take time planning out your ideas thoroughly, and try to finish one project before starting another.

Dream Source: Architectural Artifacts in Chicago.

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Resources of Note:

Appliances: Lowes
Hardware: Anthropologie
Furniture: Aviary
Accessories: Aviary and found vintage pieces
Lighting: Aviary and Architectural Artifacts

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Rugs and Carpets: Aviary
Window Treatments: Handmade by my mother. Fabric from Fannie's
Beds: IF&D
Artwork: Marco Fiorilo
Paint: Benjamin Moore
Flooring: IF&D

Thanks, Marco and Shanna!

Images: Adrienne Breaux

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