Here's the Recipe for the Perfect Sofa: Introducing The Maxwell

Here's the Recipe for the Perfect Sofa: Introducing The Maxwell

Maxwell Ryan
May 20, 2016
(Image credit: Carolina Rodriguez)

We're officially launched! For all of you who are in the market for a sofa and want something fabulously classic, comfortable and well priced, here's The Maxwell (with special discount just for readers), the first in a whole collection designed in collaboration with Interior Define. Designing this perfect sofa was a process that took nearly a year, but it was worth it.

Following on the heels of the Maxwell Ryan tableware line with Canvas Home launched in February, I am slowly creating a few very personal, fresh solutions for my home and yours with some extremely talented partners. Please read on for the whole story...

(Image credit: Carolina Rodriguez)

What Was the Inspiration?

Not angular; curved.

Sitting down with Rob Royer and Marta Calle of Interior Define last year, they asked me what I would design if they worked with me on a sofa collection. I was nervous at first to tell them that I wouldn't do a modern sofa, but really liked the cleaned-up European styling and comfy soft cushions of more traditional shapes. My inspiration? Vico Magistretti's 1988 Raffles sofa for De Padova. Check it out:

The Raffles by Vico Magistretti, 1988
(Image credit: De Padova)

Since I first saw that sofa, I loved it and the chair and ottoman that go with it; however, over the years I've been drawn to a little more curve and a little lighter frame that lifts up off the floor. Also, those legs with casters are everywhere now, so I changed that.

Surprisingly, Marta and Rob said they loved my direction and would like to see more. Interior Define's collection has been largely modern, and they wanted something different. So I went around to showrooms in NYC, measured sofas, looked at angles, trawled the web, wrote down measurements and started to create a picture.

What Was the Process?

From the start, I worked with Marta and Rob completely by email using Photoshop, cutting and pasting to make changes and specify dimensions.

They took my rough sketches and turned them into CAD 360 drawings that we then worked on back and forth with notes...

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)
(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)