Polish Your Silver Using Banana Peels

I’ve read before that bananas can polish silver, but I’d never actually tried it. That is, until this weekend, when my parents were cleaning out their basement and my mom stumbled across a creamer she thought I might like…

While the little creamer still had some shine, there was a bit of tarnish around the handle and the top. I knew the banana polish would be best for mildly tarnished pieces and this might be too much, but I still wanted to try it out. Plus, I have a banana-obsessed toddler around, and hence, many banana peels.

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First, blend a few banana peels with some water to make a paste.

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Then, rub the banana polish on the silver with a soft cloth. Finally wash off polish and dry with a clean cloth.

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Shinier silver!

As I said, this trick really is best for mildly tarnished items. I may still have to stick the creamer in a bath of water, salt, baking soda, and aluminum foil like my mom has always done. Still, the banana polish did get off surprising amount of tarnish and this is a trick I'll likely try again.

Images: Kathleen Luttschyn

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