How To: Clean a Flokati Rug

This winter, we got our first flokati rug in an attempt to warm up our space. We've liked it overall, but we had to do a little research to figure out how to properly clean it. Click below for the step-by-step.

• Check the tag first to make sure your rug doesn't have special care requirements.
• Take the rug outside and shake it regularly to remove dust.
• Every once in a while, you can rake the rug with a wooden garden rake to fluff it.
• All flokati rugs shed a little, especially during cleaning.
• Wash your flokati in cold water with a very mild wool soap.
• Wash small flokatis alone in the washing machine in cold water (unless the tag states otherwise).
• Air dry your rug out of direct sunlight.
• Don't use a vacuum on the rug or the strands will get caught.
• You can spot-vacuum with the upholstery attachment.

Anyone else have other tips for cleaning flokatis?

Image: Round Flokati Rug from West Elm, $299 - $749