Renovation Inspiration: Make the Most of Your Bedroom with Smart Built-Ins

Thinking about renovating? Most people focus the lion's share of their budget on kitchens and bathrooms, but a little money, invested wisely, can make a big difference in your bedroom, too. This is especially true in a small bedroom, where a few judicious built-ins can add lots of character and storage space, too. Read on for some of our favorite ideas for built-ins in the bedroom.

Pictured above: we love the built-in bookcases surrounding the closet door in this bedroom spotted on Fantastic Frank. The extra thick shelves make everything look so classy.

Built ins make this small bedroom (seen in The New York Times) super efficient. On one side, cabinets frame the bedroom door and a built-in headboard. On the other side of the room, even more cabinets surround a french door that leads to the outside. Drawers under the bed allow for even more storage.

Incorporating a vintage wardrobe adds interest to a wall of cabinets. Photo from Dering Hall.

What could be better for a book lover than falling asleep surrounded by bookcases? The shelves also create a nice little nook around the bed. Photo from Jaregui Architecture via Houzz.

Here's another variation on the same theme — this bed is also flanked by bookshelves, but these are recessed into the wall, for a more modern look. Image from Belle Vivir.

In this photo from Design New Jersey, built in cabinets frame a window seat.

I love how wonderfully simple this one is — just a shelf recessed into the space above the bed. Architectural Digest via Dustjacket Attic.

Here's a great solution for a small bedroom: wardrobes on either side of the bed, and cabinets above. Image from Lola Lina.

Here's another take on the same notion, but with actual closets framing the bed. The little niche to the side of the bed is a nice touch — it serves the function of a nightstand, without taking up any space. And we're loving that Josef Frank print behind the bed — but who wouldn't? Image from House Beautiful.

This built-in desk looks like the perfect spot for inspiration to strike. From Jessica Helgerson Design.

If space allows, a bed built into a nook is wonderfully cozy. From BHG.

We love this idea: a built-in 'headboard' that creates a shelf above the bed. So lovely and minimal and useful. From Woman magazine.

There are all kinds of things going on here — a ledge and shelves behind the bed. Image from Taffetas.

Here's a great way to work in a little storage without taking up too much visual space: add a long, low console under a window. The way the top of the storage flows into the window sill makes the look especially neat. From Living Etc.

Another recess behind the bed — a great place to casually prop up a few photos. Image from Bostad.

And lastly, this idea is a bit more complicated than some of the others, but we love the look. Here, the head of the bed is recessed into a little 'room' created for that purpose. Storage along the sides of the bed niche allows for a place to stash stuff, and a ledge provides a home for art. Image from Design Ville.

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