Roundup: Snazzy Alarm Clocks

Did any of your New Year's resolutions involve waking up earlier? Working out more? Establishing a routine? Here are some fashionable modern and retro alarm clocks to help you get out of bed on time...or early, if you please!• Made of white ceramic and steel, this chic take on the classic alarm clock is thrust into modern times with its unexpected material. From West Elm, $34-69 • When it's not illuminated, this LED clock looks like a sleek piece of wood---but turn it on and the light shines through with the time and temperature. $32.99 on Amazon • This small, modern bedside clock is available in black, white, and two bold colors. From Anything-Design, contact for price. • Go retro (for a price!) with this retro-modern analog flip clock. From DH Gate, $284.24 • This Blanc And Noir LED Alarm Clock gives a super modern take on the alarm clock, and features a dimmer. From Authentics, $77. • The Infinity Instruments model is a throwback to retro clocks from the 60s. From Walmart, $33.99. • The Click Clock, designed by Paul Koh in 2008, is reminiscent of the 80s. From Moma Store, $35 • Westclox were popular for a reason from the 50s to the 70s---this wireless alarm clock is called the Big Ben Alarm Clock. From Etsy seller Jacqulerae, $36 • The On/Off Alarm Clock by Nina Tolstrup turns off when tilted. From Deskstore, ~$46 • One of an array of stylish, retro-inspired radio/alarm clock combinations, the Model One also accepts input from your digital music device. From Tivoli, $149.99.

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Images: As credited above.