Sara & Nick's Architectural Drama in Cambridge

House Call

Name: Sara & Nick
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

My husband Nick and I have been in our place, a rented one-bedroom, for just six months. It was a scramble to find it—Nick was on the ground looking at apartments in Boston while I trolled my Padmapper alerts from the UK.

It was a relief to move in, getting all our stuff out of storage after two years living in China and the UK. We love this place, for all its architectural drama and quirks (including a window to the shower—fixed with a wonderful huge floor mirror from ikea!).

Our style has converged over the years. When we first moved in, my preference for mid-century furniture and graphic vintage prints seemed to clash with Nick's Chinese flea market finds. But somehow everything started to blend together in this space (and with our years of collecting and editing together!). Our furniture and rugs are a mix of Craiglist finds (our enormous Bensen couch was a steal!) and hand-me-downs.

We love having friends over for dinner—Nick is chef and I'm the baker, or responsible for all things starchy (including handmade pasta). Our kitchen island has traveled with us from New York, to a the closet pantry of a converted dorm room, and now fits perfectly as the centerpiece of our kitchen. (And it of course points to my Apartment Therapy obsession over the years.)

I'm a writer and I work mostly from home, so it was really important for me to have lots of daylight and a comfortable chair.

Thanks, Sara & Nick!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Sara)