Small Space Solutions from Campers & RVs You’ll Want For Your Own Home

Small Space Solutions from Campers & RVs You’ll Want For Your Own Home

Dabney Frake
May 12, 2016

If you want to know about glitter and fitness, ask Richard Simmons. Questions about small spaces and storage go straight to the owners of trailers, RVs, and campers. They wrote — and regularly revise — the book on compact living, and we reap the benefits of their knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

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Above, Meg cleverly built a bench and nightstand table over the wheel wells, taking advantage of a negative fixed feature and transforming it into something positive.

(Image credit: Birch & Pine)

There’s so much to love about Kate and Ellen’s beautifully redesigned Airstream trailer. Wall-mounted lights save space and the custom console at the end of the trailer acts as both a headboard, nightstand and hidden storage.

The kitchen counter on this revamped trailer is hinged and kept up as needed, but folds down to store flat against the cabinets.

(Image credit: The Noshery)

There are so many clever custom touches in this camper, including a shelf just large enough for cookbooks, and the tiniest landing strip on earth in an unexpected location.

(Image credit: Our Anchored Home)

Our Anchored Home has a special range top that flips open when cooking, that doubles as a countertop when closed. If you don't have a special stove, store a cutting board over the burners instead.

(Image credit: Hofmann Architecture)

Hofmann Architecture specializes in mobile renovations and regularly installs sliding doors to save space and make it easier to move around.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Can't install a door yourself? Airstream Norskforce used a curtain instead over their doorway.

(Image credit: Bryn Alexandra)

Bryn Alexandra shared photos of this trailer, which uses acrylic furniture to make the space seem airier. Lucite chairs are also a somewhat unexpected design detail in a mobile home.

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