Stylish and Functional: Best Dish Racks and Drainers

Stylish and Functional: Best Dish Racks and Drainers

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 21, 2016
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A good dish rack isn't exactly the sexiest purchase you can make for your home, but you will certainly appreciate its virtues (and a bad one purchased as an afterthought will have you cursing slimy buildup and crowded, disorganized dishes.) Try one of these 12 models—they get our good design seal of approval!


This is a multi-tasker because it functions as a mat when you need it, can also be used table side for setting down hot pots and then rolls up when the dishes are done.

A countertop dish rack doesn't work for everyone. Recommended by one of our readers the last time we did this list, Better Houseware's adjustable drainer sits right over your sink to load up while washing. Once everything is dry and put away, you can just store this away.

The model has tons of specialized features to dry different types of things from silverware to glasses to small and large plates. It fits a whole sink full of dishes at once.

The classic foldable bamboo model adds a nice, natural element into the kitchen and then folds flat to store. Make sure to wipe down regularly to avoid mold.

This small-space rack has the perk of holding the drying dishes upright while still being extremely portable at the same time. It's also dishwasher safe!

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This is a great budget option that can be hung up in order to save space on a crowded countertop. Bonus: it also keeps everything right at eye level so never again will you go searching for a missing item only to remember it's in the drainer!

Reviewers noted how sturdy this little dish rack is, and if you use the space effectively, it can fit a small load of dishes for drying. Another feature of note is the removable drain spout—a great feature if using your rack in the sink, but not necessary if using on the counter.

A top-rated Amazon favorite from a solid, trusty brand like OXO is what you get with this Foldaway Dish Rack. The plate rack folds down to make room for bigger bowls and containers, and the utensil holders are removable, so you can grab them, bring them to your silverware drawer and put everything away seamlessly. The whole thing also folds up to a compact package for easy storage when not in use.

The Sweet Home awarded this "The best dish rack for most people" in their test run of drying racks. Sturdy and low-maintenance, we like that the utensil holder is large enough for a full set of silverware and that it comes with an additional drying mat for an overflow of glasses.

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To warm up all that stainless in the kitchen, add a little gold and mix your metals. This rack also uses vertical space well so it takes up a very small countertop footprint, plus, if you'd rather use it for dish storage (instead of drying), it has pre-drilled holes for attaching to the wall.

Not only does this have a great name, it's designed with beautiful bamboo, smartly slopes down so water drains and is narrow enough (5" wide!) for even the slimmest of spaces.

The Rolls Royce of dish racks for sure, but look at all you get: hardwood knife safety block, wine glass holders, tons of space and a smart water-drainage system.

We'd love to hear if you own any of the ones on our list! Did we leave any great picks out? Let us know!

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