A DIY IKEA Vertical Laptop Stand For Just $1.99

Do you love TwelveSouth's BookArc MacBook stand, but hate the $50 price tag? It turns out you can get the same space-saving functionality from a $1.99 IKEA Fantastik napkin holder.

We first heard of this idea from Apartment Therapy reader Daniel Michael, who let us know the Fantastik was a good replacement for TwelveSouth's BookArc on a post about the desktop laptop stand:

The IKEA Fantastik Napkin Holder does the same job for $1.99 and looks quite elegant and maclike.

Now, we're finally spotting some examples of this creative reuse out in the wild.

First, twitter'er @burstaneurysm tweets a photo of his own Fantastik setup, holding up his black-cased MacBook Pro, exclaming "Way cheaper than the $50 BookArc."

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Then, on IKEA Hackers, Chad Parrish shows off how he used the Fantastik napkin holder to stand up his MacBook Air. He added an Apple logo sticker to complete the look, plus a few pieces of adhesive backed foam to keep the holder from scratching his laptop.

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What do you think? Would you ever use IKEA's Fantastik napkin holder as a laptop stand? Or would you rather spend out for the BookArc?

(Images: TwelveSouth, @burstaneurysm via Twitter, IKEAHackers.net)

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