The Easy Peasy Band-Aid Removal Trick

Yesterday I had the pleasure of keeping 3-year-old Tuli company while her mother worked. She's a darling girl, but has been in a few tree collisions lately while sledding. A simple request to remove a band-aid that was "owie" looked ready to turn into a scream fest - lucky for Tuli, I came armed with this simple trick.

Ok, so it's not so much a trick as it is an appliance. To remove bandaids without sticking to little hairs, or additional scabs or wounds that lie underneath, all you need is a blow dryer. Simply turn it on low and warm the band-aid.

When the adhesive has had time to melt, the band-aid will pull right off - without any screaming, wincing, flinching or whatever horrible noises kids make in preparation for band-aid removal. See — told you it was simple and it will save you a load of headache!

(Image: Flickr member Anna Gutermuth licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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