This Weekend: Prune Back & Purify Your Personal Purgatory

This Weekend: Prune Back & Purify Your Personal Purgatory

Dabney Frake
Jun 25, 2016

If open shelving keeps you honest and un-cluttered, junk drawers are the organizational opposite: a hidden spot where random things are stuck and linger until later used, relocated, thrown out, or recycled. It's your own personal purgatory and a sanity-saving catchall, so don't resist it entirely. Just hit the reset button periodically and bring it back under control...and accept that it will fill up again.

This Weekend's Assignment: Reset your junk drawer and get it ready for a new round of random stuff.

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Purge: Throw out what obviously isn't wanted, like really old receipts or stale gum. Move anything that belongs in another place to its proper home. Then wipe or vacuum to get rid of crumbs and dirt.

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Sort & Assess: Think about what should actually belong in the junk drawer — miscellaneous items that you don't want to lose but really don't have a proper home, like spare keys, the plumber's business card, pens, and hair ties. Group like items so you get a sense of how to organize them. Do you need long trays for pencils, or small dishes for random change?

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Reorganize: Either head to the store, raid your home for containers, or DIY what you need. If you measure first, you'll save yourself the hassle of buying or making organizers that don't fit. And be realistic. Purposely leave a portion completely empty for all those little things that will work their way into the drawer in the future.

Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. And hey, if you don't feel like rummaging around your junk drawer, choose one of our other weekend projects to get done.

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