Three's Company: Tips for Creating Rooms for 3 Or More Kids

Three's Company: Tips for Creating Rooms for 3 Or More Kids

Putting three or more children in one room may not sound ideal. Space configurations, not to mention decor choices for two genders and a variety of ages can't be easy. Take a look at different approaches to this problem featured on Apartment Therapy in the past:

Though it might not always be one's first choice, children who grow up together in this kind of intimate setting may create bonds they might not otherwise if each had their own room. There will be lots of late night giggling and raucous pillow fights. Such is the stuff childhood is made of.

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1. Takeaway tip from Loft for Triplets, Home By Novogratz: Sometimes the best solution for small spaces is to spend your money on customizing it. Here, the loft bed and desk were built by a carpenter to maximize space for these triplets.

2. Takeaway Tip from A Small Space Triple Bunk Solution: Again, customization was key here. These staggered bunks were made just for this space and work like a charm.

3. Takeaway Tip from Simon, Levi and Josie's Shared Room: Although the configuration will have to change when Josie gets bigger, this family utilized the closet as a niche for the baby's crib by taking off the door

4. Takeaway Tip from Minimalist Bunk Beds for Four: If you're really short on space, go as minimal as possible with both furniture and decor. Many children's bedrooms are traditionally also a play area, but you may have to limit them to just sleeping.

5. Takeaway Tip from Linus, Miles, and Oliver's "Make Room for Three!" Room: Fitting three cribs in one room is a challenge. Here, they were placed length-wise next to the wall to leave more room in the center of the room. This same strategy could be used for toddler or twin-sized beds.