Top 10: Dish Racks

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We hate dish racks. They take up space that we'd rather use for other things, and they usually look bad. If we had all the money in the world, we'd have one of those Italian kitchens with the dish rack built into the back of the sink area, but that's never going to happen...

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Valcucine Equipped Back Section

In our house we found a tiny dishrack (the Polder, below) that we use for daily use. We use the dishtowel upon the counter for overflow. Here's our most recent top 10 list of LEAST OFFENDING dish racks.

Polder Compact dish rack ($20)
Classic Bamboo folding rack ($20)

Very Modern Stainless rack ($40)
The Classic White Rubbermaid dish rack ($9)

Funky Newson Dish Doctor ($72)
Rohan dish rack ($50)

Ikea ORDNING ($15)

This is only 7. Please feel free to add on.

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