Weekend Project: Framed Handkerchiefs

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I'm loving this creative alternative to hanging a traditional piece of art. By using finished, bold-patterned handkerchiefs, it's possible to easily add color and texture to any space without spending a fortune. And what's best about this easy DIY is that it's not static. As your décor changes or you decide to move your collection to another room, the handkerchiefs can easily be swapped out for an ever-changing display.

So I bet you're now thinking...where can I purchase such neat handkerchiefs? Try places like Etsy, Craigslist or eBay. House & Home also suggests your local flea markets and thrift shops. Or maybe you have a collection of grandma's hankies and scarves that would do the trick.


  • Vintage handkerchiefs
  • Album art frames
  • Picture-hanging kit

For complete instructions, see the full tutorial at House & Home.

(Image: House & Home via Say Yes to Hoboken)

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