Quick Christmas Craft Tip: Dip Your DIY Paper Snowflakes In Wax

Fleur d'Elise

I never would've thought of this, but you have to admit it's kind of genius: Catie from Fleur d'Elise dips her paper snowflakes in wax to preserve them. "This means they are stiffer, less likely to tear, and can either be taped to a window or hung in a tree." I am definitely adding this to my craft to-try list!

What You Need


  • Recycled or decorative paper. The thicker it is, the harder it is to fold, so I recommend notebook paper or equivalent weight. Catalog pages & origami paper work well!
  • String or thread
  • Old candles
  • Tin foil
  • Glitter, to taste


  • Sharp, pointy scissors
  • Pencil
  • Old pan
  • Chopstick or other stick that is good for poking

For the full tutorial and more pictures, head over to Fleur d'Elise. And here are 10 snowflake projects for winter if you are looking for ideas and inspiration.

(Image credits: Fleur d'Elise)