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The Best Bedroom Color for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Expert


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But did you know you can also decorate your home based on your Zodiac sign? That’s especially true for bedrooms, which double as our own personal sanctuaries. 

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Red best represents an Aries’ courageous spirit, or maroon (something very sexy), or rust (if they want something more subdued. 

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Taureans typically thrive in environments with pastel pinks, whites, and earthy colors, like this one with earthy pink and mustard accents.

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Geminis are known for being playful, intellectual, and curious. Their best colors? Yellow and green. Their vibes can be a bit eclectic. 

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For a water sign like Cancer, blue, sea green, white, and yellow can form an “aquatic and safe” refuge.

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Leos are “very ‘take me as I am,’ bold humans.” Their signature colors are reddish-orange, gold, and purple.

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Virgos tend to be the Zodiac’s ultimate perfectionists. Their main power hues are pastels and greens, but because they like order and are “sensitive to color.”

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Libras should consider gravitating toward blues, pinks, and greens, but keep these colors minimal and light. 

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Scorpios are deeply passionate, and their go-to colors reflect that: dark purple, maroon, and black. It’s a moody vibe for sure. 

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A Sagittarius can be intense. Purple and yellow shades specifically fit their penchant for spontaneity.

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Capricorns are the boldest of the earth signs. So, while they do well with neutrals, they can also handle stronger shades of gray, black, and brown. 

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Aquarius colors are electric blue and turquoise, but for them, it’s sometimes more about things a nod to their philosophical nature. 

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Pisces are sensitive and romantic, and they feel most supported when surrounded by soft sea green, light yellows, and lavenders.