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35 White Kitchens That Are Anything But Bland & BasicDesign Ideas
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The 15 Best, Most Beautiful Stocking Holders (And They Start at Just $8)Life
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11 Cozy Apartment Living Room Ideas, According to DesignersDesign Ideas
It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny studio or sprawling mansion, everyone wants their house to feel cozy — especially the living room, where everyone gathers to snuggle up in front of the television or read a good book on the couch. While one of the secrets to a cozy home is creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests, there are also several design tricks you can do to make a small apartment living room seem cozier.
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Make Better Decisions: A Simple Philosophy for Design Choices (and Life!)Design Ideas
Do you struggle with design decisions (or really any decisions)? Always feel like there are too many choices and they all seem perfectly valid? You can narrow things down A LOT if you stick to this simple philosophy. There’s a great quote by Hardy D. Jackson that goes: “Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.
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