5 Trendy Houseplants Experts Say You’re About to See Everywhere

published Mar 21, 2024
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If the longer days and warmer weather of spring make you want to go plant shopping, you’re not alone. As an avid houseplant-lover, there’s something about the warmer weather that gets me excited to add new houseplants to my collection (even as it comes time to start tending to outdoor greenery with springtime planting). Feeling that itch, too? Let yourself indulge in the indoor gardening fantasy and pick up a new houseplant or two.

You might have favorite houseplants you’re already familiar with, but if you’re hoping to buy something that feels of-the-moment, you’re in luck. I spoke to a couple of plant experts to get the scoop on what houseplants you can expect to see on the rise this spring. Here are their top five picks — grab them now before everyone else does!

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Monstera Thai Constellation

The Monstera Thai Constellation (Monstera deliciosa Thai Constellation) is the definition of an Instagram plant if there ever was one. It was once so difficult to get your hands on that most people resigned themselves to admiring it from afar on their Pinterest boards and the pages of Instagram “plantfluencers.”

Even if you could find one, the cost alone was a barrier for most plant-lovers (we’re talking at least a few hundred dollars for a single-leaf cutting!). However, thanks to increased production of the plant over the past year it’s now more readily available, and affordable, than ever before. 

According to Chuck Pavlich, director of new product development at Terra Nova Nurseries, this tropical plant will be a staple in many people’s homes this spring as houseplant-lovers flock to get their hands on this Instagram-famous variegated plant.

The Monstera Thai Constellation is characterized by large green leaves that are speckled with cream and white that resemble a starry constellation. Just like its parent plant, the Monstera deliciosa, the Thai Constellation’s leaves become fenestrated as it matures — in the wild, they can reach up to 3 feet long and wide!

Credit: SEE D JAN/Shutterstock

Philodendron Pink Princess

Another variegated houseplant that Pavlich expects will be big this spring is the Philodendron Pink Princess (Philodendron erubescens Pink Princess).

Similar to the Thai Constellation, this rare Philodendron variety first gained popularity across Instagram where its stunning pink variegation captivated plant-lovers everywhere. While it used to be impossibly expensive and difficult to find, you can now find Philodendron Pink Princess in many houseplant shops, nurseries, and even big-box stores like The Home Depot and Walmart. 

“This variety is popular because of its colorful, tough, and durable foliage, and there is nothing finicky or picky about it. Splashy variegation that’s ever-changing with each new leaf is reliable and affordable for being the ‘it’ plant,” says Pavlich.

Credit: mokjc/Shutterstock

Philodendron Florida Ghost

Here’s one for all the plant-lovers who are looking for something a bit more off the beaten path: Rare houseplant purveyor and importer Heather Zahara from We Pot Plants says that the Philodendron Florida Ghost is set to have a moment this spring. 

This stunning tropical plant is named for the unique ghost-like shape of its leaves and the way that new foliage emerges a pale green/white color before darkening in maturity. It’s a hybrid of the Philodendron Florida Beauty (Philodendron squamiferum x pedatum) which was developed by Florida botanist Robert McColley. As it matures, this tropical aroid does best when given a moss pole or trellis to climb!

Credit: Firn/Shutterstock

Anthurium Clarinervium

This one’s a personal favorite and one that I recently added to my own collection. Anthuriums have been growing in popularity for a while now, but the Anthurium clarinervium strikes the perfect balance between rarity, availability, and affordability.

While it also used to be difficult to get your hands on, the Anthurium clarinervium can now be readily found in many nurseries, greenhouses, and houseplant shops. Zahara says the clarinerviums, in particular, have been popular among her customers lately, and are a great way for people to dip their toes in the world of Anthuriums before trying out a more premium variety. 

These tropical plants are known for their thick, heart-shaped dark green leaves with striking white veining. New leaves emerge a deep burgundy/orange color and change to green as they mature. The Anthurium clarinervium can be a bit picky about its growing environment, preferring higher-than-average humidity levels and consistently warm temperatures, but I promise the extra effort will be well worth it with this one.

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Lipstick Plant

Lastly, Zahara says that the lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans) will be popular this spring. Named for its bright red tubular flowers, this low-maintenance houseplant is the perfect addition to any household, regardless of your experience level caring for plants. 

“They have been selling like crazy for me lately. They are super beautiful and have really unique flowers and varieties of leaves,” Zahara says. 

This gorgeous plant is a prolific bloomer and looks great in hanging baskets, thanks to its long, trailing vines.

On top of being pretty easy to care for, Zahara says it’s also pet-friendly — a major bonus for anyone with cats or dogs at home who are prone to getting into their plants. Simply ensure this plant has access to plenty of medium to bright indirect light and it is sure to reward you with lots of beautiful flowers!