This Modern Melbourne Home Has the Dreamiest Purple Sofa and Sunken Living RoomTours
Carrissa Leary is the founder of the Instagram-based vintage furniture company, Hendrix and Willow. She shares this large rental house with her two kids, her two dogs, and a ton of stunning vintage furniture and decor pieces.
Show Off Your Dog — and Your Home — On Camera: Apply to our Metro New York/New Jersey Casting Call!Home Projects
Do you have at least one adorable dog who is patient and loves to be on camera?
“Collage Weaving” Is the New Technique Taking Over TikTokNews
“They look like memories,” one TikTok user commented.
This $8 Renter-Friendly Storage Hack Let Me DIY a Fancy Spice RackLiving
It finally organized my mess of spices — and made cooking so much easier.
Cash-Strapped Buyers Are Investing in “Second Homes” FirstReal Estate
Here are 5 things to know before you try it.
The $15 Amazon Cleaning Find You’ll Use for Everything — and It Takes Up Almost No Space
There are plenty of videos and posts on the internet (including ours) telling you what you need for your home. Although we always stand by our recs, the truth is, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the exciting, aesthetically pleasing things you want as opposed to the practical, not-so-fun stuff you need. If anything, though, you should be devoting just as much (if not more) energy toward the latter, lest you find yourself with a clogged drain and nothing to unclog it with.
about 11 hours ago
Tidy Up Your Space with These Spring Cleaning and Organizing Essentials on Sale at Macy’sNews
Including one of our favorite vacuums.

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