12 Things Everyone Should Have Somewhere in Their Bedroom

updated Apr 25, 2024
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Your bedroom should be the most calming, serene space in your home. It should be where you put on your coziest pajamas, pick up a book, bring in a cup of sleepy tea, and drift off into dreamland. In the bedroom, you want to clear the clutter and excess, and focus only on those essentials that help create a restful retreat.

These 12 items help you create that relaxing space with a little bit of practicality, a dose of technology, a few comfy accouterments, and a bedside accessory or two. From the one blanket to rule them all to the sound machine I swear you might start traveling with, here are the things everyone should have somewhere in their bedroom.

1. An All-Season Blanket

Layers are what set the coziest bedrooms apart from the rest and, while a faux-fur throw is lovely in the winter and a gauzy linen layer feels perfectly light all summer long, the most versatile choice is a cotton blanket that you can keep on your bed throughout the seasons. It’s perfect for adding just one more layer during the colder months or wrapping yourself up during an afternoon nap, when you don’t want to have to make the bed again. Plus, it adds a layer of texture to even the simplest of bedding arrangements.

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2. Lavender Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy may seem like an early 2000s buzzword, but lavender is the go-to scent of falling asleep, and bringing those soothing, herbal notes into the bedroom can help you drift off. You can use a room spray, a candle, a diffuser, or a Pura system to add a subtle, calming fragrance to your bedroom.

3. A Glass Carafe

There’s something about pouring water from a glass carafe that feels supremely fancy. It beats your clunky tumbler for stylish nightstand appeal, plus, it brings indulgent boutique hotel vibes to every single night and morning.

4. A Trinket Dish

Most jewelers will recommend you don’t wear jewelry to bed. It can snag on sheets, get caught on your hair, and damage delicate prongs. But where do you put it for safekeeping? A trinket dish on your nightstand is the perfect spot to drop rings, earrings, and bracelets before you drift off to sleep. You can even throw in an extra hair tie and a ChapStick if there’s room in this catchall spot.

5. A Bedside Power Strip

If you’ve ever had to unplug your nightstand lamp in order to plug in your phone, or had to get back out of bed when you realized you had the USB cord but without the wall adapter, meet your new lifesaver. Try this bedside power strip to gain several extra outlets and USB inputs. Plus, its small, sleek footprint won’t take up more than a few square inches.

6. A Humidifier

Have allergies? A humidifier can help alleviate symptoms. Have a cough? A humidifier. Dry skin? A humidifier. Running the air conditioner constantly? Try a humidifier. These little miracle workers can aid with a neverending list of situations (but make sure to clean it or you’ll reverse its effects!). 

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7. A Sound Machine

Whether you live in the city where ambulances and honking horns form a symphony of noise every night, or in the country where things sometimes are a bit too quiet, a sound machine is the answer. This retro-looking sound machine is blissfully simple to use, with six easy buttons: on/off, a timer, fan sounds, white noise sounds, and two volume buttons.

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8. Bookends

Working on your 52 in 52? Then you probably need somewhere to stash your growing pile of books. Sure, you could stack them, but they’ll look oh-so-sophisticated if you place them between bookends — no bookcase needed. Let them live on your nightstand or a dresser; either one is an easy way to organize all those books on your list.

9. A Glowy Lamp

Overhead lighting in the bedroom is a hard no if you can avoid it — you need soft, ambient light as you wind down from the day. An extra glowy lamp on your bedside gives you a moment for styling and practicality. Short on space? Sconces work, too.

10. Under-the-Bed Storage

Not having to resort to shoving things under the bed is the dream, but it’s not the reality (for most people!). So at least make it organized. Under-the-bed drawers let you stash away off-season linens, sweaters, and anything else that can’t find a home in your dresser or nightstand.

11. Hooks

A few well-placed hooks in the bedroom are one of the most functional and inexpensive items you can add. Whether they’re there to catch your bag, a scarf, or even a wet towel, hooks are endlessly versatile. And they provide another great opportunity for an artful moment, if you grab a vintage or sculptural set.

12. Great Pillows

What’s a good bedroom without amazing pillows? You don’t need to spend a fortune. Thousands (tens of thousands!) of people swear by these Amazon pillows. Simple, soft, and a great way to get a good night’s sleep.

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