12 Little Luxuries Under $25 That Keep Me Cozy All Winter Long

published Feb 1, 2023
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Credit: Sylvie Li

What’s not to love about little everyday luxuries? You know the ones; they’re the small things that bring you pleasure, make you smile, and have you feeling well-taken care of amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And while little treats are perfect any time of year, winter is prime time for “treat yourself” moments. When cold weather and shorter days abound, creating your own moments of self-love are key to keeping your spirits high and your body feeling cozy and nourished. 

The dictionary definition of luxury is “the state of great comfort and extravagant living,” and while there are perhaps many personal definitions of what extravagant is, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with being bougie on a budget. Read on for 12 luxurious winter weather finds under $25 that will keep you cozy all winter long. 

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I kept hearing buzz about this lip mask on social media, and after using it for a few months now, I can officially say the hype is real. This super hydrating lip mask is a perfect addition to your nighttime routine, and waking up with soft lips is ideal, especially in February. The idea is to wear this lip mask overnight, but now that it’s cold and dry where I live, I put this on during the day as well. It is a bit thick, so use it sparingly if you know you’ll be out and about, but put it on as usual if you’re working from home with nowhere to go!

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Picture this: It’s the end of a long day, and you curl up on the couch and turn on your favorite TV show. It’s a bit colder than usual, but instead of bumping up the heat, you reach for a heating pad and place it in your lap. Instant warmth and coziness!

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Chamberlain Coffee

If you’re not a tea drinker, or you want to cut the sweetness of your chai with a little bit of coffee, these single serve coffee bags are the perfect little low-effort treat. Think brewing a cup of tea, except it’s coffee. I love the ritual of brewing my coffee this way — it’s a little slower, and you can use these bags for hot coffee or cold brew. Social dog blend is my favorite!

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Chamberlain Coffee
was $15.00

I don’t think there’s anything cozier than a warm mug of chai. It’s the perfect drink for fall and winter, but personally, making it at home was always a bit of a challenge because coffee shop versions were just better. Until I tried Chamberlain Coffee’s Gentle Hummingbird chai, that is. Save some of your money and skip the coffee shop (and the grocery store chai tea bags and concentrate while you’re at it) and go for this one instead. The vegan blend is the perfect mix of spicy and sweet, and for ultimate creaminess, mix with warm milk instead of water.

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was $27.49

Nothing makes me feel a little fancier than I need to be than when I drink out of an aesthetically pleasing glass. After having these rimmed glass cups on my Amazon wishlist for weeks, I bought them for myself as a Christmas gift, and they are a small luxury that elevates an everyday activity. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially during colder months when you may be reaching for warm mugs of coffee or tea, staying on top of water intake is essential! If you’re someone who may be more inclined to drink if your water is in a cute cup, this four pack is a perfect option.

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was $24.99

When the sun goes down, the pink hue of a salt lamp creates the ultimate cozy vibe and will help you wind down for a better night’s sleep, too. The glow of a salt lamp is similar to candlelight, which is great for your circadian rhythms and a good night’s rest. Try putting a salt lamp in the bedroom or living room, and turn it on once the sun sets.

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Bath & Body Works

A bubble bath on a frigid evening makes for a perfect self-care date at home, especially since many adults usually opt for showers over a bath. This bubble bath doubles as a body wash, and the sandalwood vanilla scent is lovely — perfect for decompressing after a long day.

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Olive & June

Dry, cold weather typically means dryer skin, especially your hands. Having a hand cream close by throughout the day is a great way to keep your hands hydrated, but also an easy way to practice a little self-care daily. This hand serum is lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly, making it perfect for everyday wear.

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Colder weather and extra hand washing to keep germs at bay can also take a toll on your nails. Thankfully, cuticle oil can come to the rescue. Use the oil to help moisturize dry cuticles, help with nail growth, and if you paint your nails, cuticle oil will keep your manicure looking shiny, too!

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was $15.99

To me, a perfect winter weekend at home looks like reading in a favorite chair, naps on the couch, and movie nights paired with a fire in the fireplace. One way to disrupt that coziness is not having a charged phone within arm's reach. How many times have you cursed the world after settling into your spot on the couch, only to have to get up to find your phone, or (maybe even worse) realize your phone only has 10 percent battery left? This is when an extra long phone charger comes in clutch. It may not be the sleekest option, but a long charger means your phone can stay plugged in and close by, no matter where you and your outlets are.

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Candlelight can easily elevate a dinner table or any surface in your home, really. Scented candles fill your home with scent, of course, but sometimes all you need is the vibe. This is where pillar and taper candles come in handy. Place them on your coffee table, your mantle, your TV stand — just be sure there’s no chance they could topple over and start a fire. To be on the safe side, opt for battery powered candles.

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Barefoot Dreams is known for their cozy loungewear and home goods, and their socks are the perfect thing to have on your feet this winter. A throw or a robe may be a bit out of your budget, but a pair of socks comes in right at $15, and they will keep your toes toasty all winter long!