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Dunn-Edwards’ 2024 Color of the Year Is Bringing Cool Blue Back
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Your Grandma's Go-To Couch Accessory Is the Latest Fall Staple
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Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 Color of the Year Is a Breezy BlueDesign Ideas
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This Unexpected Pastel Is the Top Trending Front Door Color for 2024Design Ideas
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Pantone Released Its Color Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2024Life
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As a Coastal Grandmother, Here’s the One Thing I Think the Trend Got Wrong
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This Glamourous Art Deco Design Detail Is Back, and It’s So Versatile
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Glidden’s 2024 Color of the Year Is Such a Sunny NeutralDesign Ideas
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The “Appliance Garage” Is the Next Must-Have Kitchen FeatureDesign Ideas
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This Colorful, Designer-Approved Trend Looks Like Marble on an IKEA Budget
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15 Rattan Accent Chairs Sure to Bring a Casual, Cool Vibe to Your Living Space
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Dutch Boy’s 2024 Color of the Year Is “Rooted in Comfort”Life
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This Paint Color Is Taking Over TikTok — See All the Ways to Use ItDesign Ideas
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5 Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2023
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These Colors Are Replacing Millennial Pink, According to One SurveyLife
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People Prefer This Outdoor Space Instead of a Backyard
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TikTok Is Obsessed with This Budget-Friendly Trend for Small Outdoor Spaces
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Mushroom-Shaped Cups Are the New "It" Drinking GlassesDesign Ideas
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These Are the 5 Outdoor Trends to Skip in 2023, According to Designers
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Dunn-Edwards’ 2024 Color Trends Are Here to Romanticize Your LifeDesign Ideas
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This Celeb-Approved Sofa Shape Is Growing in PopularityDesign Ideas
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TikTok Is Bringing Back ’90s-Inspired “Celestial Decor”Design Ideas
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5 Ways to Get the TikTok-Approved “Clean Girl” Home Decor Aesthetic
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“RailScapes” Are the Latest Houseplant Trend Taking Over TikTokPlants & Yard
If you’re running out of room in your house to display your houseplants, then it’s time to think outside the box.
May 29, 2023
There’s Already a Color of the Year for 2025Design Ideas
The future is here — or, at least the 2025 Color of the Year is.
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Shea McGee’s New Class Is Offering You a Shot at Her Design Wisdom
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May 16, 2023
Mermaidcore Decor Is Here — Here’s How to Get the Splashy StyleDesign Ideas
Move over, Barbiecore. There’s another whimsical design scheme making waves these days, and it’s inspired by everyone’s favorite fictional under-the-sea Disney princess.
May 12, 2023
This Is the Biggest Kitchen Color Trend of 2023Design Ideas
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The Wes Anderson TikTok Trend Is About Romanticizing Your Everyday Life
Here’s how to live every day like a Wes Anderson film.
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8 Entertaining “Rules” on Their Way Out, According to Etiquette Experts
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The Ethereal, European-Inspired Bedding Trend That’s Perfect for Spring
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Tropicalcore Blends Maximalism and Vacation VibesDesign Ideas
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What "Millennial Gray" Is, and Why It Has TikTok in a Tizzy
If you’re a millennial with a penchant for gray, you’re not alone. In fact, the hue has become such a staple in the generation’s homes that it’s become something of a joke online.
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Behr Shared Its First-Ever Exterior Stain Color of the Year
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6 Top Spring Trends, According to Pottery Barn, West Elm & Urban Outfitters
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“Color Drenching” Is the Internet’s New Favorite Maximalist Home TrendDesign Ideas
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These Are The Top 2023 Wedding ThemesLife
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11 Rattan Pendants We Can’t Get Enough Of
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These Are the 5 Houseplants Everyone Will Have by the End of 2023
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Pantone Released Their Color Trend Report For Autumn/Winter 2023Life
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This Playful, Curvy Tableware Is the New "Gen-Z China"Projects & Improvements
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These Are the Design Trends People Are Buying in 2023 So Far
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Why Transitional Design Is the Future, According to Shea McGee from Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover”
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