This Is Officially the Biggest “It” Decor Trend of 2024 (It’s Beyoncé Approved!)

published Apr 23, 2024
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This year, a collective obsession with all things western-inspired has been dominating fashion, music (hello, Beyoncé country album!), and even decor. Whether you’re more into the cottagecore prairie vibes or prefer something a bit moodier like western gothic, this design trend is an all-encompassing style inspired by the American west. Here’s everything you need to know about the western home decor aesthetic and how to incorporate it into your space. 

Quick Overview

What Is Western Style?

Western style draws from ranch and cowboy motifs, like fresh cactus plants, cowhide rugs, and horseshoe hooks. It’s similar to mid-century modern, in that some of its elements are seemingly always in style. Now, though, thanks to recent pop culture influences, the western-inspired design trend is especially taking off across home decor.

Western by Definition

While there are many versions of western home decor — including western farmhouse decor, western gothic style, and disco western themes — it usually involves earth tones or colors that stem from natural dye sources (like mustard and indigo), rustic wooden and leather furniture, and desert decor. 

In recent years, trends like coastal cowgirl and yeehaw core have emerged as spinoffs of the overall western look, but they’re slightly different from classic cowboy-esque themes. “Coastal cowgirl and yeehaw core definitely add a girlier element to traditional western style,” says Alex Bass, an interior designer, art curator, and founder of Salon 21. The first puts a fun beach-inspired twist on cowboy-inspired styles, while yeehaw core is slightly more bold and cheeky, as seen with pillows that say “howdy” or any accents related to Dolly Parton

Popular western decor includes ties to horses, cowboy hats and boots, ropes, and cow patterns. You can always get a more general western feel from certain houseplant varieties, like succulents and cacti, too. As for a color palette and specific furniture ideas, Bass recommends “burnt umber, lots of wood, and maybe a dark blue or navy wall paint and a leather sofa.”

Western vs. Western Gothic

When referring to western home decor, designers usually lean toward a more modern interpretation of the saloon-inspired style, as seen with leather accents, cowhide rugs, and — of course — motifs like horseshoes and cowboy boots. One new subset of this aesthetic, though, is western gothic, which Pinterest originally identified as a major 2024 trend. This blends the classic western Americana look with more moody colors, including dark navy and brown tones. 

How to Get the Western Look

Subtle Nods to Americana Motifs

Decorating with a western theme is all about blending more subtle pieces with a few obvious motifs (think: cowboy boots, rancher hats, and horseshoes). According to Bass, the key is to “add in western elements without getting too gimmicky,” so you’ll want to strike the right balance. “I always caution when leaning too heavily into trends for home decor, as you’ll want to have pieces that last,” Bass adds. 

Leather Furniture

Texture is integral to western decor, as you’ll often see a lot of leather and wood furniture pieces in these spaces. Both materials tend to be fairly neutral, too, which makes them excellent choices for bigger investment pieces, as they’re versatile enough to evolve with your style. “A leather sofa is a great way to make it feel like a western style while still having a classic piece,” Bass confirms. 

Earth Tones 

Color also plays a key role in western home decor. While some brighter hues like red, orange, and mustard work well for this trend, Bass says to keep more muted earthy shades top of mind when decorating. “Earth tones are a great way to bring in that western aesthetic as well as tie in some more statement western pieces in a seamless way,” she explains. 

Themed Wall Art

Luckily, you can execute western home decor in a number of different ways, and wall art especially can help set the scene. Go for the vintage ranch-style feel with photographs and paintings of rolling hills, opt for the more obvious horse and stable imagery, or even try a gothic vibe with a dark-toned cattle print. To take a slightly kitschy route, you can also lean into the novelty of a western film feel with vintage movie posters or film stills, like this one of Clint Eastwood from Etsy. Consider this colorful painting of Elizabeth Taylor or this mixed-media print for a more colorful vibe. 

Where to Shop for Western Decor

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was $30.00

For a vintage-inspired print, check out this cowgirl film art on Etsy, available in eight different sizes. This is a fun way to incorporate a splash of color into any western-inspired space and it’s the perfect statement piece on a gallery wall.

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Add some western ambiance to your kitchen with this adorable cow-shaped cookie jar from Amazon. You could even remove the lid and use it as a unique vase for fresh flowers or a quirky entryway catchall.

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West Elm

If you want a Western decor-inspired accent that doesn’t feel too themed, try these West Elm pillow covers. With their woven design and muted color scheme, they nod to the aesthetic while still pairing well with your existing decor.

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Rugs USA

Instead of the obvious cowhide, opt for a western-inspired rug like this tassel design from Rugs USA. The style comes in six different colors (though I prefer the rust hue), plus multiple shapes and sizes.