“Western Gothic” Is the 2024 Home Decor Aesthetic You Need to Know Now

published Apr 3, 2024
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A light-filled bedroom with gray walls and hardwood flooring.

From fringed decorative accessories to Beyoncé’s country album drop, the collective obsession with western style is in full force this year. One specific branch of this, though, is the Western Gothic aesthetic, which Pinterest identified as a top interior design trend for 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about this bold, saloon-inspired look.

Quick Overview

What Is Western Gothic?

“Western Gothic is a mix of dark and moody decor and colors with classic western motifs, like cowboy boots and cattle,” says Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home. This style blends a few popular trends from the last couple of years, including western-inspired decor, cottagecore, and silver metallics — albeit all with a more modern, dramatic feel.

Western Gothic by Definition

According to Pinterest, Western Gothic blends a vintage Americana aesthetic with moody tones and textures. It’s all about mixing that classic western look with darker color palettes — and it’s arguably a result of several other current design movements, like cottagecore and coastal cowgirl

“I think it’s becoming a popular look due to people embracing more maximalist spaces,” says Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home. She also points to cowboy boots as one of 2024’s biggest shoe trends. Meanwhile, moody spaces, in general, have continued to gain more traction recently. 

Struble considers elements like “rope art, ranch photography, bullhorns, and skulls” as a few defining decorating hallmarks. “Add in moody earth tones, and you’ve got yourself Western Goth,” she says.

How to Get the Western Gothic Look

Decorating a Western Gothic-inspired space is all about marrying two seemingly opposite styles. While it might seem tricky, Struble says it’s all about leaning into the look. “I think this trend looks best when you’re all in — there’s really no subtle version,” she notes. “Paint a whole room dark brown or deep charcoal blue, add a cowhide, a large vintage cowboy poster, and some leather armchairs, and you’re solid.”

Here are some key things to consider when trying out the trend in your own home. 

  • Dark walls: Darker hues are one of the key aspects of this trend, but Struble says she prefers to stay away from black wall paint. “You want to find a color that brings warmth and depth to the space without blocking out all of the light,” she explains. Instead, consider painting an accent wall — or every wall in the room — a deep navy blue or dark brown hue. 
  • Desert plants: Struble says “using desert plants helps sell the vibe,” such as an extra large cactus in a corner, either in a more western-style basket or a gothic-inspired pot
  • Texture: Another way to elevate your design is by having some fun with layering textures. “Faux fur and leathers mixed with linen and stone make for a really well-balanced space,” Struble says. 
  • Statement pieces: While Western Gothic can be achieved without more traditionally gothic pieces, Struble says you can make a statement by mixing and matching the two decor styles. “A big pointed arch mirror or a huge iron candelabra are the touches this trend needs to be uniquely Western Goth,” she explains. 

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Lean all the way into the Western Gothic trend with a cowhide rug. This one from IKEA comes in a dark brown-black color that fits the bill.

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Artfully Walls

Wall art is always an easy, low-commitment way to try out an aesthetic. This horse design from Artfully Walls feels moody and gothic, yet still has a softer, oil-painted look.

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Pottery Barn

Give your bookshelves a little Western Goth love with these stunning bronze and marble bookends from Pottery Barn. This design offers a modern “off-duty, on ranch” vibe.

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PSTR studio
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If you want a piece of wall art with more of a graphic feel, I love the style and contrast in this I Prefer Cowgirls Print from Enikő Eged. Frame it in a gothic-style frame like this ornate antique-looking option, or this glossy version.

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Nothing screams Western Gothic more than this stunning fringe leather accent chair. It makes a statement while still feeling functional enough for everyday use.