The “Appliance Garage” Is the Next Must-Have Kitchen Feature, According to TikTok

published Aug 14, 2023
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Kitchen with wood cabinets, black tile and countertops, green accents

TikTok content creator @valerie_hhouse has a storage solution for homeowners who have too many items on their kitchen countertops but don’t want to go through the trouble of putting away those same items inside a cupboard. It’s called an appliance garage, and how it works is simple. 

In the following video, we see the home decor expert opening a cabinet. However, it’s no ordinary cabinet. Inside, it has a tray holding her blender and coffee equipment. She then slides the tray towards her, accessing the appliances with no effort at all. And if you look closely, there’s even an outlet at the back, so she doesn’t need to move (and, later on, return) the appliances.

The benefits of this build are pretty clear: less clutter in the kitchen, more space on the countertops for food prep, and expensive kitchen devices safely stored while being easily accessible.

“Keep the work surface free! Ingenious idea,” a comment reads. Another follower adds, “I need 10 of those.”

There are other variants of the garage, too. In the example below, the homeowner’s appliance garage opens upwards and has a horizontal door instead of two vertical ones. It could also store larger items such as a microwave.

Here’s another design — one that also opens upwards, but is much bigger. It’s also positioned not atop another cabinet but at the far back of the counter. Now just look at that spacious kitchen counter!

A caveat is that the garage might not be cheap to construct if you hire a carpenter, nor will it be easy to DIY. Still, if you’re looking to reduce clutter and lessen the hassle of taking items out and putting them back later, then the appliance garage might really be for you.