Candle Warmer Lamps Are The Latest Lighting Trend Taking Over TikTok — Here Are 13 of Our Favorites

updated Feb 7, 2023
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Credit: Photos: Amazon, Etsy; Design: Apartment Therapy

Like it or not, TikTok has quickly transformed from teen dancing app to an all-around social powerhouse with the ability to spot and predict trends in virtually every space from fashion and beauty to, yes, home. The latest thing that has #DesignTok in a frenzy? Candle warmer lamps.

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So, why the love for these lamps? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First and foremost: style. One look at these lamps and it’s easy to see why people are going crazy over them. From vintage-inspired picks with chic glass shades to modern, intricately shaped lamps, they’re a fun decor element that works in any space.

Next is their functionality. Serving as both a lamp and a way of melting your candles, who isn’t a sucker for a good two-in-one? Top that with the fact that they eliminate the need for an open flame (a must for homes with pets and kids), feature timers so you never forget to “turn it off”, and help your candle last longer (something those with a love for pricier candles will love) and they are a total no-brainer.

Ready to pick one up for yourself? Below you’ll find 13 incredibly chic candle warmer lamps, all itching for a coveted spot in your home. But be warned: you may end up getting one for every room of your home. Happy shopping!

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was $66.99

Wayfair’s daintily-designed (and dimmable!) candle warmer lamp resembles a flower, with its pretty glass shade and curved arm. Add your favorite round candle for an instant vintage look on any nightstand or coffee table.

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was $126.18

This Etsy lamp checks all the boxes: a cool arched silhouette, pair-with-anything metal finish, and contemporary globe shade. Its hollow base also accommodates a variety of candle widths, and you can choose from a timer- or dimming-specific light switch at checkout.

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You may already own a floor lamp or sconce similar to this modern-meets-functional lamp. Either way, top off your lighting collection with the sleek, scaled-down accent, in your choice of white or black colorways. Styling tip: Both versions work well with just about any decorative vessel, but you can also create a chic monochromatic effect by putting a matching candle on display.

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was $126.18

This genius adjustable design can heat (and extend the longevity of) just about all of your go-to candles, short or tall: simply raise or lower the base to your desired height and voilà.

5 / 13

The lamp that started it all. With its vintage-inspired look and glass shade (available in both a crystal and golden version), this lamp is sure to class up any space.

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was $120.00

For a Scandi take on the trend, opt for this LUXGARDEN pick. Its clean lines and unique shape make it the ultimate statement piece.

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Featuring a flora-inspired shade, this candle warmer is a sweet, stylish, and delicate take on the trend.

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Fans of marble are sure to go gaga over this lamp. With its white marble base, gold accents, and cone-shaped shade, this lamp is a modern dream.

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was $92.97

A little bit of the old and a little bit of the new come together in this fun lamp from AUNDecor. Designed to look like a vintage lantern, this candle warmer offers the right amount of kitsch.

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was $119.54

How chic is this bell-shaped pick? Available in multiple colors and with either a wood or stone base, it may just be our favorite of the bunch.

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was $69.99

Sometimes simple is the best way to go. Sleek and chic, this lamp is the perfect choice for anyone whose style leans a little more contemporary.

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was $54.99

For a lamp with a little personalization, this LIFELUM pick is the way to go. Its flexible neck allows you to shape the warmer as you please, making it great for those looking for a pick that can fit a variety of candle sizes.

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was $132.82

Part lamp, part art installation, if you're looking for a conversation starter, this is it. With a crescent-inspired design, you and your guests will continuously marvel at this pick.