I Tested One Of Those TikTok-Viral Candle Warmer Lamps — And It’s Totally Worth the Hype

published Jan 6, 2023
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Luzdiosa Candle Warmer Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Every weeknight, once the dishes have been washed and I’ve taken a shower, I do the same thing: I make a cup of tea, grab my favorite throw, and indulge in some kind of entertainment. Sometimes it’s a podcast, sometimes it’s a book, and sometimes it’s TikTok. Yes, dear reader, if you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a little bit TikTok obsessed. And if you’ve read any of my previous TikTok-themed pieces, you’ll know I’m particularly fond of the home and decor sides of the app. A couple of months back I wrote about candle warmer lamps and how they were taking over #DesignTok (it felt like I couldn’t go a day without seeing a video of someone decorating their space with one of these lamps.) After researching that piece and fawning after each subsequent lamp I wrote about, I decided to put one to the test for myself. So, I picked up the one that started it all: the luzdiosa Glass Candle Warmer Lamp. Let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Before I get to my review, a little refresher on these lamps and why they’re so popular. One quick look and it’s easy to see why decor aficionados love them: They’re chic, they’re stylish, and they come in a variety of different designs that’ll go with any aesthetic. But the thing that’s really special about these lamps is how expertly they marry style and function. Aside from pulling double-duty as a lamp and candle warmer (which can help extend the life of your candles!), they are also made with safety in mind. No open flame means no fires, which is a major plus for parents and pet owners. Top that off with the fact that many feature timers, and you’ll never have to fret about falling asleep with a candle on again. What’s not to love?

Okay, on to my review. Now, I knew in theory why these lamps should be lauded, but part of me couldn’t help but wonder if it was all just social media hype that would lead me to an inevitable letdown. Oh, how I love to be proven wrong. As I mentioned above, I went with this luzdiosa pick as it was the one that immediately caught my eye (and had the fastest shipping time; they are truly selling like hotcakes). First green flag: It came wonderfully packaged with two lightbulbs. Score. Next was the design — With its gold neck, neutral oak-colored base, and a glass shade that glimmered even before turning it on, I couldn’t help but let out an Owen Wilson-esque “Wow” as I unpacked it. Last but not least: showtime. I cleared off the perfect spot for it, plugged it in, and marveled both at how stunning it looked lit up and how quickly it began melting my candle; The scent was immediately dispersed throughout my apartment and I, well, was in love. Take a look for yourself below.

Yeah, suffice it to say, this lamp was everything I wanted it to be and more. Ready to try one of them out for yourself? You can get your hands on the very same pick for $55 today, with your choice of either a clear glass shade or a golden glass shade. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got a TikTok rabbit hole to fall through — I’m on the hunt for my next find.

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