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50 of the Best Candles to Gift This Year

updated Dec 5, 2023
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Is it just us, or do candles make everything better? No matter how busy life feels, lighting a candle is one of the simplest ways to create a calming and meditative atmosphere right at home. Naturally, when it comes to events and celebrations, candles make a great gift. Not only do they evoke all the senses and come in beautiful packaging, but each candle’s aroma is unique and exciting. With so many options out there, you can get creative when choosing a scent or vessel that speaks to a friend or family member’s personal style, hobbies, and interests.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a candle to wrap up for a holiday gift, bridal shower, engagement party, or another occasion, the following picks smell just as nice as they look — simply pair ’em with a chic box of matches and you’ve got a winning present. Read on for a treasure trove of chic and unique candles our editors are fired up about right now (pun most definitely intended).

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Certain candle notes tend to be recreated many times over, especially when they become trendy. Fig is still unique enough while also remaining universally liked for the most part. This candle couples the scent with notes of cardamom, lemon peel, eucalyptus, and more. In other words, you can expect it to smell positively divine.

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Chamberlain Coffee

Designed to bring the smell of your favorite coffee shop home, this candle is infused with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and steamed milk, all housed in a gorgeous glass amber jar that's an extra touch of warmth to any space.

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From our partner
Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works’s Frosted Cranberry candle is an editor-favorite for the winter season, plus, it's just generally been a classic now for a long time. This three-wick option has notes of cranberry, red apple, blonde woods, and tonka beans.

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was $42.00

Have someone on your list who is a big fan of the film Elf? Then they're going to love the Buddy's Breakfast candle! Inspired by the iconic scene, this candle features notes of marshmallow, cinnamon, chocolate, maple syrup, peppermint, and toasted cracker — hold the spaghetti.

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We couldn’t forget the iconic French luxury brand in our candle roundup. If you have some extra cash to spend, Diptyque's iconic Mimosa candle should be on your shopping list. It’s a must-buy for any friend who deserves a little self-care surprise (don’t we all?!) and would also make a lovely engagement, birthday, or wedding shower gift.

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Williams Sonoma

You might be familiar with Williams Sonoma's best-selling Honeycomb collection, which includes this adorable hive-shaped candle. It lends color and texture to any surface with its honeycomb pattern and gold accents. And of course, the candle smells amazing, to boot, with its notes of lilac, vanilla, and clementine.

7 / 50
Venus et Fleur

Looking to spoil a special someone? This is the candle that'll do it. It smells of lovely tuberose and sports a logo that epitomizes luxury. In addition to the pricier $99 size, the candle is also available in a votive size that's just as charming.

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Give your recipient the gift of a perfect zen moment with this beautiful hand-poured candle by Anecdote. According to its packaging, it smells quite literally like the joy of missing out (with notes of coffee and cedarwood). It would make the coziest stocking stuffer or winter birthday gift.

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Inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, this inviting candle boasts vibrant notes of lily, musk, vanilla, and, of course, bergamot and rosemary. It's perfect for people who dream of summer all year long, no matter how dreary it gets outside. Pick up a full size, or opt for one of the smaller trios.

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Snif's build-your-own candle bundle, a trio of high-quality, clean-burning wax candles with fragrances unique to the brand, makes the perfect gift for someone you want to spoil. It includes three scents of your choice, all of which are non-toxic.

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How's this for a gifting twofer? This interactive kit starts out as a scented soy-blend candle and includes the supplies to turn it into a fully functioning planter after it's done burning. It comes with the candle and container, seeds, plant food, soilless grow medium, and active carbon (aka everything they need to get growing). Choose from Herb Garden, Wildflower Fields, or Desert Oasis.

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P.F. Candle Co.

Love the taste of a refreshing lavender lemonade? Well, you can enjoy it in candle form, too. This scent features the scent of Ojai, California's famous lavender farms, and channels the orange groves and mountains found in the area, resulting in a beautiful herbal citrus scent that's both relaxing and invigorating.

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was $38.00

Pop the bubbly and hand over the one-of-a-kind Let's Toast candle by Homesick for an unforgettable celebratory gift. It’s infused with base notes of champagne grapes and wrapped in a package that lets you personalize it with a handwritten note — no extra card or envelope needed. Cheers!

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Urban Outfitters

Have a friend or family member who's big on tasteful style that skews funky? They'll love this mushroom-shaped glass candle, available at Urban Outfitters. Score it in four color-scent combos, including the fan-favorite Lucid Dreams, a moody design with the aroma of sun-warmed wood and earthy hay.

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The internet-famous 11 11 perfume by Lake & Skye is also available in candle form, and it's sure to delight your loved one with its rich blend of musk and amber. You'll also be happy to learn that the soy-wax blend is fully vegan and cruelty-free.

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Public Goods

If you're shopping on a budget, be sure to hit up Public Goods' candle section, where you'll find plastic-free, upcycle-ready soy candles such as this one for under $15. The Black Currant scent smells fruity in a sweet way, while earthy notes add complexity. We also love its acacia wood lid, hence the plastic-free element.

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was $39.99

If your giftee can't get to NYC to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person, this Literie candle is the next best thing (and much more affordable!). It's inspired by the hot chocolate that chilly paradegoers drink as they watch the action from the sidelines, and it features illustrations of the famous star-shaped balloons.

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If you have a family member or friend who’s sustainably minded, they’ll love a gift from Siblings, an impressive brand that’s dedicated to creating candles with natural coconut wax and plant-based packaging that’s 60 percent compostable. We love their Starter Set, which features a brass vessel that your giftee can use over and over again, along with the brand's best-selling scent: No. 1, a mix of rose, citrus, and oakmoss.

19 / 50
The 125 Collection

Forget FOMO — this candle is perfect for the dog-parent-meets-homebody, with 80 hours of burn time to enjoy during a quiet evening on the couch. It features bold and energetic floral scents mixed with lavender, sage, pine flowers, tobacco, and vanilla, among other intoxicating notes they’ll get lost in for hours.

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was $44.00

Make magic happen for your Hogwarts-loving loved ones with Homesick's Harry Potter-inspired collection. They can channel their inner Gryffindor with this fiery candle, or you can opt for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or (gulp) Slytherin if you think those houses are more their style.

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Have someone on your list who is obsessed with the "Real Housewives"? Any fan would be thrilled to receive a candle from Literie's Bravo-inspired line. Flipping Tables is a tribute to one of the most iconic New Jersey moments, but others, like Go to Sleep! and Nine Lemons in a Bowl, reference other shows in the franchise.

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Silk Pajamas, one of the luxe pieces in Otherland's Gilded Collection, will make your giftee feel like royalty at first sight. When they light it, it only gets better; they'll be treated to the soothing aroma of crystal ginger, bergamot zest, and spiced yuzu.

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Outdoor Fellow

Help your giftee greet the colder months with this fresh, sandalwood-scented candle. It also has notes of citrus, amber, and eucalyptus, calling to mind a lot of pine trees in mid-winter. Customers say the fragrance fills the room without overpowering the senses, and it lingers long after you blow out the wick.

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It's always Happy Hour with this scrumptious candle from Brooklinen. It's made from a soy-coconut wax blend, with notes of citrus, cedar, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Pair it with a bottle of wine or booze for a themed gift they'll absolutely love — even better if you can enjoy it together.

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Jonathan Adler

This gorgeous rose gold candle would make the perfect housewarming or holiday gift for a friend who just moved into a new place. It looks just as pretty as it smells, with notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry, and French cassis, among other ethereal scents. You could also purchase this one for yourself (we aren’t above a self-gifting moment) and place it on your nightstand or bathroom for a feminine, metallic touch. The wick averages 40 hours of burn time per candle, as long as it's trimmed regularly

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Made with eco-friendly soy wax, this budget-friendly candle is vegan and paraben-free, so you’ll feel good about gifting it. The black-and-white packaging is also clean and minimal, so it’s a versatile décor item that could be put on display just about anywhere. It’ll make your recipient’s home smell like a fresh batch of laundry.

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Add some ambiance to your kitchen — without completely confusing your tastebuds — with this garden-scented candle. It smells uncannily like a fresh-from-the-vine tomato in the peak of summer, lending a light and early scent to any space.

28 / 50

Looking for a gift for your favorite adventurer? Look no further than this national park-themed candle from Terrain. You can choose from a selection of flames that nod to some iconic nature destinations (think: Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, and our favorite, Yellowstone). Each is scented with wilderness-inspired notes like pine needles, damp earth, and moss for a totally immersive experience.

29 / 50

For the friend who's obsessed with the scent of Aesop's cult-favorite hand soap (which is probably like, everyone), consider this super-luxe candle. Formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients, it combines sophisticated notes of cardamom, mimosa, and tobacco for a sultry, yet subtle, scent. It's perfect to light on a lazy Sunday in bed or during a romantic date night.

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Urban Outfitters
was $20.00

Urban Outfitters' Natural Surf collection comes with three seaside-inspired candle scents, including this Saltwater Surf scent. Formulated to evoke the Pacific Ocean on a hot day, it carries notes of sea salt, citrus, and eucalyptus. If you know someone who prefers unisex scents, this is a great pick.

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Uncommon Goods

How special are these hand-poured poppy and cactus candles? If you have a friend who loves to collect plants or has their own garden, they’ll love these miniature candles with a base that’s made from pure soy wax. The designer uses a soy blend to craft the cactus, succulent, and floral designs by hand with an artistic inspiration that’s rooted in nature and vibrant colors.

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Voluspa candles are always a favorite — especially when notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar are involved. The Baltic Amber candle is poured by hand and features a special coconut wax blend with all-natural wicks that burn up to 90 percent cleaner than a 100 percent soy wax version. Its caramel color offers an extra-warm glow, upping the cozy atmosphere the candle lends to the space it's in.

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The 125 Collection

We are huge fans of The 125 Collection, and the brand recently launched travel-sized candles that make perfect gifts. The "This Candle Smells Like Me Season" candle is a fantastic present for someone on your list who likes to take the comforts of home with them on the road. Snag it in the best-selling Lavender + Sage scent.

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was $49.00

Beloved on TikTok for its perfumes, Dossier also boasts a candle line that's also super popular. The collection is entirely vegan, clean, and cruelty-free, and features on-trend scent notes like spicy amber and delicate orchid. One of our favorites is the Floral Marshmallow candle, which boasts hints of marshmallow, jasmine, amber, and vanilla for a cozy candle you'll want to light every day this winter. (Bonus: This scent is inspired by Killian's Love, Don't Be Shy perfume which is also rumoured to be Rihanna's go-to scent...and who doesn't want to smell like RiRi?)

35 / 50

Is there anything we can say about Anthro’s signature, best-selling candle that hasn’t already been said? Volcano is a tropical, fruity scent that quite literally never gets old. It helps that the vessels it comes in are stunning, which means it can double as a stylish piece of decor, as well.

36 / 50

Our editors can’t get enough of this well-loved, non-toxic candle with rave reviews. This scent is perfect for coffee drinkers or anyone who just likes the smell of freshly brewed beans. It features invigorating notes of caramel crème and mocha latte paired with Kona coffee, sugar cane, rum cream, and citron peel.

37 / 50
was $24.99

If we're being totally honest, we were already in love with this H&M Home candle based on its packaging before learning what it smells like. But your giftee will be just as pleased with its aroma, which holds notes of plum and tobacco blossom. It also comes in an orchid scent, which is equally enticing.

38 / 50

Don’t let the embossed pink carton fool you: Cedar chips, dried tobacco, peppercorn, and dried ginger are at the core of this candle's calming-meets-masculine persona, which makes any space feel both modern, yet familiar. Coconut and beeswax are blended with a braided cotton wick to offer about 50 hours of burn time.

39 / 50

Transport friends and family to the sunny beaches of Tahiti with this tropically scented candle. In reading its description, we can say this is a rich and complex fragrance that makes one long for a vacation. From the coconut and hibiscus leaf notes to its base of musk and white amber, this 8.5-ounce statement piece leaves nothing to be desired.

40 / 50
Birthdate Candles
was $145.00

Your giftee can find their future in the flames of this tarot-themed candle set from the popular Birthdate Co. candle company. Made with black soy and coconut wax (and poured into an equally chic black glass vessel), the trio comes with a booklet that walks you through setting an intention, meditating (with the help of guided prompts), and interpreting the charm that emerges in the wax after a few hours burning. Even if your loved one isn't into mysticism, they'll still appreciate these beautiful scents, which include everything from cassia root and vetiver to oud, cannabis, and allspice.

41 / 50
Burke Decor

Along with brands like Diptyque and Venus et Fleur, Apotheke is a name to check out if you're really seeking to impress someone in your life. Charcoal is easily their most popular scent; it gives off a subtle but sophisticated vibe with its formulation of oud, smoky amber, and raspberry. You'll definitely want to smell this cult favorite for yourself.

42 / 50

For the friend that has your quirky sense of humor, there's the Burr candle from Forvr Mood (brrrrr — get it?). At once elegant and playful, the candle features a blend of chilly notes and fiery spices like orange blossom, oud assam, and patchouli. The brand wittily describes this one as a hot scent that's perfect for an ice princess.

43 / 50

This decorative, scented candle from Harlem Candle Company pays tribute to Duke Ellington, the legendary musician who famously hailed from the NYC neighborhood. Once your giftee lights it, they'll enjoy the scents of bergamot, cinnamon, clary sage, lily of the valley, amber, and more.

44 / 50
West Elm

West Elm's Convivial collection is rife with clean, pleasant home scents that your recipient will want to place in every room. The Magnolia and Pine fragrance blends white florals, citrus, and pine needles to create a scent that's simultaneously bold and delicate. The candle also comes with a set of matches, which makes this look like an even more thoughtful gift on your part.

45 / 50

Those who subscribe to the enneagram model of personality typing will love this line of candles dedicated to each of the numerical categories. The scents for each version have been tailor-made to represent each personality type, from individualistic number fours (prickly pear) to loyal number sixes (fig and olive). It doesn't hurt that the colorful vessels and boxes are beautiful, to boot.

46 / 50

Candles should be enjoyed everywhere in and around the home, and the Fresh Rain Candle by Yankee Candle offers a bright mix of crisp apple, rosemary, and rose to bring a fresh feel to any outdoor space. It comes in a decorative tin vessel with a natural wooden lid that’s designed to withstand the elements.

47 / 50

The name of this elegant candle speaks for itself. It’s infused with notes of zesty lemon, orange bergamot, and fresh mint to transport your giftee right to the Amalfi Coast. It’s offered in three sizes — votive, classic, and three-wick — so you can choose the best option for them based on the size of their home. If they’re limited on space, three small votives always look nice when arranged together.

48 / 50
Brooklyn Candle Studio

The brilliant minds at Brooklyn Candle Studio have mastered the rare art of a subtle floral scent with the Brooklyn Love Potion Minimalist candle. It's celebrated for its dreamy notes of jasmine blossoms and calming lavender. It is also made from 100-percent soy wax and fragrances infused with essential oils. According to a reviewer, it “smells like magic.” Sold!

49 / 50
Ardent Candle

This TikTok-famous candle looks and smells just like the deliciously sweet breakfast cereal. In fact, Ardent makes a whole collection of different cereal candles, and you can even gift a six-pack of minis (Apple Jacks, Cookie Time, Cinnamon Crunch, Fruit Loops, Peanut Butter Puffs, and Berry Crunch) — just like those mini cereal variety packs!

50 / 50
Uncommon Goods

Talk about a hidden gem! These showstopping candles feature a blend of natural waxes that replicate the sparkle and depth of authentic geodes. Choose from Amethyst, which smells like natural bergamot and violet, or Aquamarine, which offers an aroma that’s full of fresh salt air. Best of all, your recipient can still use the vessels once the wax is gone — all they’ll have to do is insert a tea light into the center to keep the sparkle alive.

And Don’t Forget the Accessories…

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Skeem Design’s glass cloche, A.K.A. a candle’s best friend, is the perfect candle accessory to invest in. The elegant, hand-blown glass container is made specifically for matches and designed to replace those not-so-display-worthy matchbooks and lighters. Store matches in the cloche container, strike them against the on-bottle flint to light, and show the cloche and candle off on a mantel or coffee table.

2 / 5
West Elm
was $18.00

The science behind this gorgeous brass candle snuffer is simple: It not only extinguishes a lit candle, but also prevents soot, smoke, and wax debris from infiltrating the living room.

3 / 5
was $15.99

Ever go to light a candle, only to find out your lighter is all out of fluid? With this rechargable (yes, rechargable!) USB lighter, your giftee will get a longer-lasting flame — and you'll be doing the Earth a favor.

4 / 5
was $29.99

Any candle-lover will be thrilled to get this candle-warming lamp as a gift. Instead of burning candles, it warms them with a small heat lamp and lets their aroma float around without any smoke. It also generally makes each candle last longer. Read our full review for more details.

5 / 5

A new candle wick is usually about 1/4 inch long, but to prolong the life of a candle once it's lit, the wick should be cut each time to ensure a smooth, clean burn. This brass wick trimmer from Amazon is just $15 and is effective and sleek.