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The 10 Easiest Herbs to Grow for the Perfect Culinary Garden

An herb garden is a guaranteed way to saturate your dishes with flavor, open doors for more DIYs, and make your home feel a little livelier. These low maintenance,  user-friendly herbs don’t require master gardener knowledge to grow.

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Best for: A wide variety of environments

Signature characteristic: Green, pine needle-shaped leaves

When to plant: Spring or fall if you live somewhere warmer

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Best for: Hotter, drier environments

When to plant: A couple of weeks before the last spring frost

Signature characteristic: Clusters of small rounded leaves


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Best for: Sunnier, drier climates


When to plant: A week or two before the last frost of spring

Signature characteristic: Long oblong, pale green leaves

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Lemon Balm

When to plant: Spring 

Best for: Shady outdoor environments that don’t get too chilly

Signature characteristic: Bright green leaves with scalloped edges

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Signature characteristic: Looks very similar to cilantro but leaves have pointed edges

When to plant: Two to three months before spring’s last frost

Best for: Cooler, sunny areas


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Signature characteristic: Tall and thin tubular blades and puffy purple blossoms

Best for: Most climates and environments

When to plant: Four to six weeks before the last frost

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Signature characteristic: Scaly bright green leaves with jagged edges

Best for: Contained, light-filled environments


When to plant: Spring

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Best for: Warmer environments

Signature characteristic: Clusters of bright green circular leaves

When to plant: Spring, after the last frost

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Signature characteristic: Long and thin green leaves

When to plant: Early spring

Best for: Areas that get lots of sunshine


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Best for: Humid climates with sun, but not overbearing heat

Signature characteristic: Looks very similar to parsley, but leaves have more rounded edges

When to plant: Early fall