by Kelly Dawson

6 Little Details Everyone Forgets in Their Room Makeovers, According to Pros

Image Credit: Margaret Wright

Image Credit: Katy Cartland

We asked 3 designers—Kate Lester, Anne Carr, and Lauren Meichtry—for their thoughts on the small things that take away from an updated room’s appeal. These are the 6 issues that bug them the most, and how to fix them.

Image Credit: Jessica Isaac

Too-short window treatments

Try hanging the curtain rod a few inches above the window, closer to the ceiling. “This will give the illusion that the windows are bigger and the room is larger,” Lester explains.

Image Credit: Katy Cartland

A too-small rug

An ideal rug, Lester notes, is one that properly frames your furniture by making sure that all of the pieces can sit comfortably on it with a few inches to spare.

Image Credit: Katie Currid

Same-old cabinet hardware

Instead of keeping standard four-inch hardware in a refreshed kitchen, Lester recommends searching for replacements that fit your budget and renewed style.

Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Limited lighting

Lighting can be a way to enhance a space, Carr says, not just make it livable. Consider changing out original fixtures for up-to-date options, and add different light sources throughout.

Image Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Lacking accessories

Meichtry suggests setting aside funds for accessories that help a room come together, such as a few stacked books on a coffee table, a gallery wall above a console, or various plants for a corner. 

Image Credit: Brittany Purlee

Too much matching

“If you got a little carried away and your living room looks like it’s straight out of a furniture catalog, try choosing one item at a time that you’re willing to swap out,” Miechtry says.