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6 Design Pros Share the Biggest ‘Don’ts’ of Organizing Your Home


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Don't skip boundaries with friends and family

“Don’t hesitate to say no to friends and family who want to give you things you don’t have use for. Normalize asking people if they have use for things before giving them away,” says Shamika of Maximizing Tiny.

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Don’t immediately aim for a Pinterest-worthy space

“Rather, do create simple systems that you can start making into habits and work your way up to getting more organized. Organization is a journey and you will keep being more organized as you go,” explains Katrina of Badass Homelife.

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Don’t buy containers, baskets, boxes, etc., before you actually organize the space

"Decluttering should be the first thing that you do," explains Faith Roberson.  

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Don’t feel the need to tackle all organizing projects in one day

“Start small, whether that’s a drawer or a small pantry,” instructs Rashmi of Rush Me Home. She also suggests that you work in one area and space at a time, otherwise you could get overwhelmed.

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Don’t keep anything in your home that makes you feel badly about yourself

"That includes clothes that are too small if you don’t intend to lose weight soon. They stare at you and remind you that you are not where you want to be," says Pia of Sweet Digs.

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Don’t try to organize clutter

“Don’t try to sell the stuff that you don’t want, just donate it. Do break it down into small tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Do declutter before you start organizing. And do categorize, contain, and label,” recommends Vaishali Sahni, of Tiny and Tidy.

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