7 Creative Ways To Display Houseplants


Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

One’s home can never have too many plants! 

Image Credit: Alli Hochberg

If you are struggling to find new ways to add more plants to your own at-home jungle, read on for plenty of inspiration. 

1. Hang plants from the ceiling or in front of a window. 

Image Credit: Melissa

2. Hang plants from a coat rack to divide a space. 

Image Credit: Melissa

3. Create a jungle vibe in the bathroom. 

Image Credit: Carina Romano

4. Add plants above the bed to create a beautiful vignette.

Image Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

5. Pack shelves with plants and pots. 

Image Credit: Viv Yapp

6. Elevate your plants with plant stands.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

7. Keep it small and simple with plenty of plant cuttings.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale


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