How to Display Houseplants: 100 of Our Favorite Plant-Display Ideas

updated Feb 1, 2024
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I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that one’s home can never have too many plants. They breathe life into any room they’re placed in, and they come in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes, colors, and levels of difficulty to care for. If you are struggling to find new ways to add more plants to your own at-home jungle, you may find some ideas for fitting more flora in below.

If you’re just looking to change things up and give your home a new leaf on life, you’ll certainly find the plant displays below inspiring. And if you simply do not want to or cannot literally fit any more plants into your home, you’ll still enjoy perusing through some of the creative, beautiful, weird, and wild ways in which folks have incorporated plant life into their home.

Hang in there

One of the best/easiest ways to add more plants into your home is simply by hanging them like from the ceiling or in front of a window. What I also love about this idea is the stunning variety of ways in which you can make this look your own. From where you hang, to what you hang, to how you hang, look at some of the ways these house tour participants hung plants in their home and see if it sparks any ideas for you.

This 296-square-foot tiny house has 14 windows, a hammock, a meditation loft, and TONS of plants, including this gorgeous display of leaves. Not only is this a great way to display a lot of plants without taking up a lot of floor space in a small home, but it also becomes a living piece of wall art.

Credit: Tim Hargett

Jewelry designer Bobbi, of Bobbi Made This, has a house that features color and shapes in fresh and fun ways, but there are also some great plant displaying ideas, too. I love the way she incorporated plants in her kitchen, including mixing simple hanging plants in front of the window, with a tall, leafy fiddle leaf in front of the window, plus a couple of cute plants on some corner shelves.

Pairing these botanical, naturally shaped hanging plants in front of a glamorous but geometric wallpaper accent wall is an amazing way to add contrast to a room, as seen in this cool Austin house.

Kristin Cedar made an entire plant wall in her Portland condo. “The whole 6′ by 6′ wall cost a total of $300 and was so easy to install. I used these giant garment racks that are usually used in retail stores. I attached them to the walls with these brackets. I used a variety of climbing plants with this self-watering hanging wall planter. I used a mix of plants that will grow and spread over time, so the wall will one day be entirely green!”

This pro organizer’s 512-square-foot studio has brilliant storage ideas in the kitchen, bathroom, closets, and more, but it’s Faith’s over-the-kitchen-island idea that has me most excited. She combines keepsakes she’s collected over the years in a cute hanging mobile, interspersed with living plants for a one-of-a-kind display.

Credit: Carina Romano

This South Philly home Has a very cool DIY fireplace, the cutest ever heart-shaped window, and over 100 plants, including this rad planting hanging over the bed, which with its placement feels more like a living chandelier.

Credit: Carina Romano

Also in that same South Philadelphia home is the hanging plant idea that someone with any size budget or space could use: incorporating one of those affordable rods with containers hanging off of it from hooks.

Intentional displays of plants and art are becoming a huge trend in minimal decor, and with reason: You can take a few treasured items you really care about, blending them together into a composition that itself becomes art. Get inspired by the one spotted in Whitney Mack’s New Orleans bedroom.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Cooking with fresh herbs from your own garden is a certain type of delightful pleasure, made even more sweeter when you can also use those growing herbs as an adorable display, like in this cute Toronto home.

Credit: Liza Taney

This 350-square-foot studio apartment cleverly repurposed a clothing rack as a room divider, but made sure that room divider didn’t feel too visually heavy, too imposing, or too blocky by using plants to do the dividing.

Alli Hochberg’s 550-square-foot rental studio apartment on New York City’s Upper East Side has a pretty interesting room divider idea: A coat rack filled with plants helps visually divide the space but also lets in lots of light!

Credit: Melissa

Melissa only has 272 square feet in her NYC studio apartment, but she found a novel way to add TONS of plants in her home without blocking all the light coming into her small home: She uses an IKEA clothes rack to hang plants from!

Credit: Carina Romano

This loft-style apartment situated in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhood, has tons of architectural features, like gorgeous brick walls. But I love the way in which they used plants to highlight the mantel area.

Chelsea Coffey and Warren Creavalle have a gorgeous two-story loft in Philadelphia, and they hung plants under their staircase to create a really cool look.

This paper artist’s home has an envy-inducing art and textile collection, but this array of circular plant hangers are what caught my eye.

Credit: Anna Spaller
Credit: Anna Spaller

An adventurously dreamy home with a touch of golden glam has a couple of great hanging plant ideas, from the cheap IKEA planters hung at different heights in front of a window (hung with affordable twine) to the uniform plant collection hanging from a bar installed in the kitchen window.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

A reminder that hanging plant displays don’t have to be pricey; in this nature-loving artist’s 390-square-foot studio apartment simple terra cotta pots hang in equally simple macrame hangers.

A blogger’s cali bungalow is the perfect mix of beach and boho style, but it also has this cute hanging shelf. She placed a lovely little plant and container combo on top of the shelf to complete the look.

Are you a renter and/or don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling? Try the idea in this “adult Barbie dream home” style Brooklyn apartment: hang plants from a stand-alone clothing rack. This rack from Amazon is similar to the one above.

This adorable 1830s creole cottage in New Orleans has basically 400 things I love, but the simple way in which the owner hung a pothos plant above this furniture piece, and then draped the vines around it to frame it, absolutely makes me swoon.

Have a dull corner in your home? Take an idea from this colorful, thrifty Toronto home and install a little copper pipe, hang a trio of cute air plant holders, and have a stylish plant display in no time.

300 plants fill this warm and verdant Brooklyn apartment, but even if you don’t have that many in your collection (yet) you can still steal one of the owner’s plant placement location ideas: hanging above a walkway.

A maximalist on a minimal budget filled her home with murals, and I particularly enjoyed this plant life moment with a hanging pothos flirting with the green hues in the mural behind it.

Credit: Anik Polo

Kill everything that’s green? Lean into your talents and opt to hang plants to dry in front of a window, like spotted in this peaceful, poetic natural home in Switzerland. Make it seem intentional, and it’ll work.

Credit: Sandra Rojo

This couple’s romantic Barcelona flat has a reminder that the elements you’ve installed for storage—like this bar in the kitchen for hanging cooking tools — can also be a great place for a plant or two.

Credit: Viv Yapp

If you’re into minimalism or Scandinavian-inspired design, this Nordic style London flat has a super sleek black hanging bar with two plants and a light fixture that might be right up your design alley.

Bathroom jungle vibes

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but I find bathrooms with plants to be one of the most lovely things. I guess because bathrooms always seem so small and/or utilitarian, it’s just wonderful when you bring life to the space. The bathrooms below represent some of my favorite ways I’ve seen plant life showcased in recent years.

Credit: Lana Kenney

I mean, granted, we don’t all have a lovely indoor-outdoor bathroom like this incredible one in South Africa, but we can still gain inspiration from this seriously impressive bathroom plant setup. With several plants on a dedicated shelf, a couple on the sink, and a couple of tall ones for scale, this scene looks serene yet wild (in the best way possible).

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If you’ve got the natural light and the room in a spacious shower, why not let a few big leafy plants live in a corner of your shower stall full time? This cute bunch spotted in a remodeled Montreal Victorian home.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

This cute 1980s bungalow renovation has lots of fun details, but I loved the very simple but ultra chic hanging ivy in front of a lovely landscape tapestry in the bathroom.

This Philadelphia home has incredible hand-built details, but it’s the array of green plant life in the bathroom that has me inspired.

A cocktail blogger’s Palm Springs-inspired bathroom already brings plenty of jungle vibes with the hand-painted wallpaper, and the hanging pothos plant completes the look.

Two sisters share this playful, patterned Melbourne home, and simple greenery hanging from the shower curtain rod complements the green vintage tub beautifully.

In this modern home in Western Australia, the subway tile grid pattern in the bathroom gets a boost by the grid of plant pots on the wall.

I love how in Irene and Peter’s Art Deco bathroom, a bold black and white color palette is softened by climbing green vines.

Big, leafy green plants help visually balance the colorful shower curtain in this modern Albuquerque home’s boho bathroom.

Quirky ideas you should definitely give a try

Look, plants look good just about anywhere, any way. But if you’re seeking ways to really stretch your decor limits, try some of the plant life-displaying ideas spotted in house tours, below:

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Pair a perfectly pale pink kitchen with just one or two bright green punches of plant life for a bold modern room that’s also incredibly serene, as seen in this pink and cute 1980s bungalow renovation.

Use green plant life to highlight and modernize your home’s architecture by draping some vines over a doorway, like they did in this updated 1950s ranch house.

Busts of human heads, torsos, and other figurative shapes have become a trendy home decor item in recent times, and they are a fun way to add a quirky element into a space. Particularly when you combine it with a plant! Doesn’t this bust plus plant combo in this Bay Area studio apartment have a leafy hair vibe?

The floor-to-roof vertical garden in this modern Australia house gives homeowner Julia Green (founder of Greenhouse Interiors) endless joy, and it does to me, too!

Combining small green plants with wall-mounted hexagon-shaped wall cubbies is a great way to great a unique, custom wall installation that feels like a modern art piece. As spotted in this 513-square-foot DC condo.

Cyril Sontillano has absolutely FILLED his rental apartment with plants–and frankly, great plant-displaying ideas–but I loved the idea of hanging a plant on the wall and then hanging an empty frame around the hanging plant. Because mother nature really is the ultimate art piece!

Malori Futral’s 1949 ranch house in Nashville is a soothing, cool space. And the way she added plants over the art in her dining room–as well as framing the wall opening between the living room and dining room with trailing vines–are simple but creative.

Credit: Erin Derby

Wellness journalist, author of cookbook “Healthier Together,” and host of the Healthier Together Podcast” Liz Moody might only live in 600 square feet with her husband and their cat, but she’s made the small home work for her family and their health goals. And I noticed a cute, quirky, and incredibly simple way to display some plants: place them high up on furniture and shelves to add height to your home!

Yep, that’s a plant chandelier in this charming Philadelphia apartment!

This dog bed designer turned a blank canvas into a beautiful beach bungalow, but definitely check out the cute plant displaying idea spotted outside. Do you recognize what those planters are hanging from? Yep… those are IKEA bed slats!

In this mobile plant shop owner’s “muted folky boho” home, there are lots of ideas for displaying plants. I particularly love the test tube plant wall, and the array of hanging plants in the kitchen.

Cats and bright colors make this eclectic modern country home beautiful, but check out the DIY hanging ladder covered in plants over the bathtub.

Credit: Minette Hand

Two world travelers in this sunny, plant-filled Manhattan loft don’t disappoint when it comes to plant-displaying ideas.

Above/beside the bed

Plants in the bedroom… also not a brand new or genius idea. But I’m a HUGE fan of plants above and beside the bed. It’s a fresh way to add greenery and create beautiful bed vignettes that stand out. Below, some of the ways I’ve seen it done in recent house tours.

Flanking the bed with hanging plants isn’t a new idea, but I love how Tracey paired these ferns with a dark green accent wall behind them in her house’s bedroom.

Amarachi Ukachu’s 550-square-foot rental was refreshed with contact paper, floor cushions, and this neat plant idea in her bedroom. By placing a Pothos plant inside a basket, not only does the basket add luscious texture to the space, but it becomes a much more substantial wall composition.

The co-author of “Plantopedia” has a soothing, plant-filled Australia home, so obviously there are some great plant display ideas. This one is simple but worth noting: Pair a shelf of leafy plants with a gorgeous modern plant photo print and linens with earthy color tones.

This gorgeous, plant-filled Australia home also features one of the most unique WFH setups we’ve ever seen, but also pay attention to this delightful array of plants that surround this bed, from the planter on the floor, to the planter on a stand, to the variety of plants on the shelf.

Thomas Denning is a horticulturist, so having a plant-packed apartment isn’t exactly a surprise. But his bedroom features a great way to add plants to a small space in a simple and lovely way: with a shelf above the bed. His idea stands out because he did an amazing job of layering leaf shapes and heights.

Credit: Carina Romano

Chanae Richards’ Philadelphia home features quite the plant-heavy bedroom. A row of fiddle leaf fig trees takes up residence on one side of the bed, while other leafy green plants fill out the other side. Combined with the oversized botanical mural wallpaper behind the bed, and you have an incredible composition.

Credit: Taylor Hook

This 400-square-foot LA studio apartment really shows the decorative power of lots of plants, and I love how Taylor created a jungle-like nook around her bed by placing her bed frame on a diagonal and filling the corner with plants. It’s a novel way to create a distinction with your bedroom area in a studio.

In this Oakland home’s bedroom, a few hanging planters is all that’s needed to create a lively green display above the bed.

Credit: Monica Wang

A collector’s Hollywood bachelor pad shows just how big of a visual statement a hanging plant can be in the bedroom, especially when mixed with a bold yellow pot and weighty hanging chains.

Credit: Viv Yapp

In the all-white, minimal bedroom in this Nordic-style London flat, three hanging plants add a burst of interest to the design.

It’s truly amazing how much fits in this 200-square-foot New York studio apartment, even plenty of greenery. Jessica does an amazing job adding plants with this cute wall arrangement.

Two creative friends share a sunny, soothing Brooklyn walk-up that’s filled with a healthy collection of vegetation. I love how this plant above the bed has its own little white shelf.

A cocktail blogger’s Palm Springs-inspired bathroom isn’t the only room of the house that’s rocking some great plant displaying skills. The bedroom wows with this bright green hanging plant that contrasts beautifully with a boldly patterned bedroom wall.

Credit: Anna Spaller

If your bed is placed in front of a window, consider incorporating the elegant plant hanging display seen in this adventurous, dreamy home.

Symmetry is a powerful design tool, but the opposite is true sometimes, too, as shown above in this eclectic modern country home.

Credit: Emily Barry

This small NYC apartment has the cutest simple plant display above the bed.

Plant-packed shelves

Have some empty shelves in your home? A powerful visual statement is packing those shelves with plants and pots. It always works and can be a powerful way to make your home feel like a jungle with many small/affordable plants instead of splurging on big and/or expensive plants. See how some of these homeowners and renters did this, below:

This teeny ADU space is only 280 square feet but makes great use of its vertical space to store plants. This shelf above the workspace is anchored by the large floating shelf filled to the brim with potted plants.

Plant-packed shelves make a visual impact in ANY room, but there’s something particularly special when used in the entryway, like in this plant-filled Ohio home. It really lets guests know that you love green plants as soon as they walk into the door!

Modern pegboard shelves are so chic and cool, and when married with hanging plants and a simple planter it becomes a way to have a functional display shelf. There’s a great example of this idea in architect Anna Castles’ Australian home.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone use their window valances as shelves, let alone as shelves for art and plants, but this retro modern Australian house has an amazing example.

Into the Wild plant shop owner’s Australian house features a stunning variety and amount of plants, and the floating shelves in the living room are bursting with shapely green leaves, making it one amazing art piece over the sofa.

Into the Wild plant shop owner’s Australian house also has a plant-filled shelf in the dining room, but it’s made even more amazing thanks to the perfect green paint color on the wall behind the plants.

I love that in this Argentina home, affordable industrial-style shelving is combined with a huge array of plants and planters. The sheer amount of the grouping of them creates a bohemian, powerful composition.

Credit: Andrew Bui

Not only is a plant-packed shelf an amazing visual display, it can also “disguise” or distract from less visually pleasing items… like in this Brooklyn kitchen that features a lot of leafy greens, and a barely-there projector.

Credit: Carina Romano

Like in the kitchen example above, this Philadelphia home’s kitchen also shows how a few plant-packed shelves can help distract/beautify appliances.

Horticulturist Thomas Denning’s Melbourne home isn’t huge–only 592 square feet–but he’s found a novel way to add an absolute WALL of plants: by filling this double bookcase with lots of green plants. Because the shelves are white like the walls, the effect is almost one of a floating plant art installation. And, this is incredibly rental friendly.

This old Airstream was DIYed into a dreamy, minimal, cozy boho home, and it also features a cute miniature plant displaying idea with these hexagon shaped shelves.

Credit: Viv Yapp

This 500-square-foot London rental flat features a fabulous wall of shelves in front of a window, making it feel like you live in a green house.

An indoor jungle grows in a Brooklyn apartment, and this multi-shelf hanging plant display is only one of the ways in which the renter has added plants into the space.

In this industrial modern-style Brooklyn home, tall, uniformed shelves are given a living wall treatment thanks to a row of pothos with long vines.


This renovated house is full of antiques, and thanks to the two cute shelves attached to a wall outside, their exterior is full of rows of mini plants and pots.

Three hundred plants fill this verdant Brooklyn apartment, some of which are located on shelves that are stacked above a desk.

There’s something incredibly adorable about shelves that are big enough for just one plant each, as seen in this childhood home that got a modern makeover.

Credit: Lana Kenney

This Moroccan-inspired Cape Town apartment hides a cute DIY idea: using glass shelves in front of a window to create a place to house more plants, without hiding the view.

This maximalist was on a minimal budget when she outfitted her Los Angeles home, but she was able to create quite the statement wall by incorporating plants placed randomly throughout these book-lined wall shelves.

A 410-square-foot Buenos Aires home is full of renter-friendly ideas, one of which is using the space above your kitchen cabinets as a spot for more plants!

Shelves don’t have to be expensive or ruin your rental’s walls, exemplified in this sunny plant-filled Chicago loft and the cheap but stylish cinder block + lumber shelf system for plants.

Credit: Anna Spaller

A window sill is basically a shelf, right? Create a shiny array by lining up these succulent-filled gold pots in descending size, like in this Boston interior designer’s home.

We stan for plant stands

Want to know the easiest way to literally and figuratively elevate a plant? Plant stands! They can be DIYed, bought new, or found, and they immediately make any plant seem more visually interesting than if it were just placed on the floor alone. Need proof? Check out the ideas below:

This modern and vintage Charleston home has a guest area that features a cute little planter perked up by combining it with a bold DIY paint accent.

Who says a plant stand has to be fancy or expensive? In Amina’s colorful LA home, an IKEA RÅSKOG Utility cart was painted pink to be the perfect affordable and adorable plant stand.

A cocktail blogger’s Palm Springs-inspired New Jersey home features a Mid-Century Turned Wood Planter from West Elm.

In this shared rental home in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, DIY stands hold up plants in front of a window. Though the ones above were made by hand, similar ones can be purchased from Amazon.

Credit: Sandra Rojo

In a beautiful Barcelona flat, a simple painted stool elevates an equally simple terracotta pot and plant.

The founder of WKNDLA has a minimal, tailored LA home, and these plant pedestals are from AREAWARE.

Credit: Bev Wilson

This Brooklyn-based lawyer who owns this home has a passion for interior design, and I love the chunky wooden stool-turned plant stand in her home.

A globally inspired Spanish Colonial California bungalow has this simple plant stand moment in a corner and I think it’s lovely.

Small, simple, and black-thumb resistant

If you’re feeling like none of these ideas are for you because you have a black thumb, don’t worry you don’t have to make do with only fake plants. Or do without any greenery… plant cuttings can be just as lovely around the home. They won’t last forever, but they’ll still do the trick. I enjoy these two examples in particular:

Credit: Erin Derby

Pampas grass is always a great idea, and can give off plant-filled vibes without having to keep them alive, as seen in this chic Brooklyn home.

A simple sprig of a maple leaf stick in an architectural vase, when compared with lots of other earthy, woodsy tones, can feel like a plant display without being a live thing. Like in this Washington D.C. condo.

Credit: Minette Hand

Eucalyptus leaves in a wall sconce-turned plant holder in a historic meets modern home in Charleston.

Some cut palm fronds in a simple glass vase is a bold, architectural pop of green in this storied and stylish California house packed with history.