This Gorgeous, Plant-Filled Australia Home Also Features One of the Most Unique WFH Setups We’ve Ever Seen

published Jan 18, 2021

This Gorgeous, Plant-Filled Australia Home Also Features One of the Most Unique WFH Setups We’ve Ever Seen

published Jan 18, 2021
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Name: Marita McCausland, husband Stuart, two young daughters, and two pet spoodles.
Location: Oakleigh — Melbourne, Australia
Size: 1615 square feet
Years lived in: 7 years, owned

It’s no surprise that the home of Marita McCausland, owner of interiors and indoor plant store Into the Wild, is filled with an amazing collection of indoor plants and fantastic plant pots! The gorgeous greenery is found throughout the 1940s weatherboard home, which Marita shares with husband Stuart, two young daughters, and two pet spoodles.

When they first purchased the property, the home still looked like and was laid out as it was in its original era. The girls’ bedrooms were once the original lounge and dining rooms. The now open-plan lounge, dining, and kitchen was once three closed-off rooms. They designed the new layout around the bay windows as a central feature, and of course filled the homes with plants, along with warm colors and colorful art.

The pandemic inspired one more layout change to the home. With Stuart working from home now, with no spare room for them to use for an office and rather than try to add a home office area in the family space or in the bedroom, the couple figured out a VERY unique WFH setup: Stuart has taken over the bathroom with a makeshift desk situated over the bath! The family now all share the couple’s ensuite bathroom.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: It’s important to me that people feel relaxed and happy when they walk into my home. I’ve always had a semi-boho style but more recently, the colors and the pieces I’m acquiring have more of an Art Deco feel, which I’m loving!

Inspiration: The Art Deco era was so amazing for its color, geometric shapes, and pattern. I use color and pattern everywhere but getting the mix of colors right has had its challenges!  

Favorite Element: Has to be the big, open, sun-drenched living space at the back of the house. This is where we spend all our time and it also opens up on to the deck and yard so it has a really beautiful feeling of open space and light. Oh and of course the plants! They tie everything together and have such a nice way of softening every room. They mostly live in this open area at the back of the house because of all the natural light.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge was turning an old, pokey 1940s house into one that flowed and felt more family friendly. The house was very old and unfinished… when you opened the bottom kitchen cupboards there was just earth, as in dirt… no shelves! It meant knocking down lots of walls, putting some up in different spots, and reconfiguring the layout. We also wanted to maintain some of the natural features like the bay windows and leadlight. 

What Friends Say: “Wow you’ve got a lot of plants!” Owning an indoor plant store (@intothewild_plants) means it’s a bit of a rotating jungle! I’m always bringing something new home and squeezing more plants in. Without them it feels very boring and bare! Friends have commented that they love my home and I put it down to the plants.

Biggest Embarrassment: Probably the outdoor garden! I’m known for my indoor garden skills so you’d think the outdoor one would be amazing but it definitely needs some work!

Proudest DIY: It sounds silly but at the moment it’s got to be the indoor paint. Choosing interior colors can be so hard and we have three colors that intersect in one space so choosing ones that complement each other and don’t compete and are also easy to live with was crucial. We wanted rich color that also matched our furniture and we are stoked with it. My favorite is the green wall; it works so well with all the plants, too.

Biggest Indulgence: The light above the dining table by Douglas & Bec.

Best Advice: Plants, just add plants! When you can’t afford expensive items to decorate such as art or new furniture then throw in some indoor plants! They have an amazing way of transforming and freshening your space. Then just rearrange them when you need a change! It’s my quick and easy restyle advice when your home is feeling dull or you’re just bored of it.



  • Dulux (lounge room colour) — Treeless
  • Dulux  (green wall colour) — Olive Blend 
  • Dulux (kitchen wall) — Hogs Bristle
  • Dulux (master bedroom) — Pancake Mix







  • Husband’s working from home desk over bath 


Thanks Marita and family!

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