This Bold Modern House Features Fabulous Color Combinations

published Feb 17, 2020

This Bold Modern House Features Fabulous Color Combinations

published Feb 17, 2020
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Name: Julia Green and family
Location: Barwon Heads — Victoria, Australia
Years lived in: 4 years

Julia Green is a former pharmaceutical industry executive with a passion for great design. Ten years ago, she set about a major career change and jumped into the world of interior styling. She founded Greenhouse Interiors along the way, which now represents over 30 brands and artists, many of which are found throughout her home.

Julia’s first encounter with the house was during a photo shoot she was styling for a magazine with the previous owners. She was instantly drawn to the property, located near the surf coast town of Barwon Heads. A few years later it was on the market and the family made the decision to move from Melbourne to the coast. It’s also situated within the grounds of a beachside golf course—yes they can drive a golf buggy to the beach!

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: In one word—colorful! I love to experiment with color combinations and find great joy in pairing opposites. Most corners of my home will share a bright bold hue with a soft pastel, and they happily cohabitate. 

I don’t follow any trends, I only buy what I love, and surround myself with things that have meaning and a story. I think a home should read like a book. It should tell the plot of those that share its walls, and be full of happy memories. I am lucky to work with many creative in my work, and my home is a shrine to their work. It’s a joy to represent so many clever people. I live and breathe what they do, and proudly sell their wares on my site.

Inspiration: I live by the sea and am constantly in awe of Mother Nature and the earthy Australian palette. But I also spend a lot of time in Morocco and take three tours there a year. I am always inspired upon return to add other bright pops to my home, and each time I bring back a beautiful piece, whether it be a rug/cushion/tiles or ceramics. My house is an eclectic mix of layered Australian/African goodies.

Favorite Element: I can’t choose one. I love our proximity to the ocean—we are a short buggy ride to private dunes, which we climb and have a vast coastline to roam and explore. I equally love our private refuge for its lack of neighbors, its tranquilly, and the fact that the exterior gives NOTHING away about the colorful interior. I love surprises when it comes to interiors, and our house usually leaves people smiling once the door opens and they are met with so many unexpected colors.

Biggest Challenge: Proximity to Melbourne is tricky for me, as I travel there a lot for work. While I love being a little ‘off-grid’ compared to my Melbourne colleagues, I often lament at the amount of time I spend in my car. Our refuge comes at a big cost of well-travelled kilometers.

What Friends Say: I have a happy house, and it makes them feel good. Mission accomplished. To be honest, I don’t really care what they think as they don’t live in it. I care what my family think, and they love it!

Biggest Embarrassment: Probably the giant size metal cactus I saw roadside in Morocco that I thought I needed to have come home. It cost me next to nothing but when the DHL bill arrived (after I had already got home), my husband threatened divorce. He did not understand my deep love for the cactus. (Crazy, huh?) But I did feel embarrassed that it cost so much to bring back. Am I sorry though? (ummmm NO).

Proudest DIY: Its not a total DIY, but we completely rejigged the outdoor area of our home, which was just lawn and concrete when we arrived. With the help of trades, we turned it into one of the main features of our house, and another (outdoor) room to use. The floor-to-roof vertical garden gives me endless joy.

Biggest Indulgence: Between my PET pendants in the lounge, and the Christopher Boots crystal sphere light in my bedroom. Lighting is usually an afterthought, whereas for me, I based my room around it, and used it as double up of art. Form and function! The biggest indulgence of all though, is just to be home, as that is where my heart is, and the ones I love the most. I am rarely around, so really appreciate my time here.

Best Advice: Only ever buy what you love and choose colors that make you feel good to surround yourself with. Only you know what makes you feel good, so you can’t go wrong if to listen to your intuition. Style and color are subjective and have NOTHING to do with your bank balance. Style is the confidence to experiment with your interiors and carry it off. 

Dream Sources: Spanish AD, Living Etc mag UK, Elle Décor UK, books by Amanda Talbot, and my own wild imagination when I have time to let it run wild.



  • Dulux Antique white USA through out plus wallpapers







  • Pendant lights — From Bali



Thanks Julia & family!