8 Hanging Planters That Will Make You and Your Plants Happy

updated Apr 5, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When you run out of wall and floor space for your indoor greenery, it’s time to look up. Hanging planters are a great way to decorate the vertical area in your home and put your beautiful plant babies on full display (and in direct sunlight!). Plus, they take advantage of what would otherwise be unused space. There are tons of hanging planters out there in all sorts of materials and designs — some with built-in pots, some with just the straps, some made of ceramic, some made of leather (and if you’re crafty, you can also DIY your own). We rounded up a variety of our favorites to help you find one that fits your style and helps your plant family reach new heights.

Tips for Hanging Plants

  • Check the drainage. Many “pretty” planters don’t have drainage holes in them, so you’ll have to keep them in a nursery pot and place it all in the hanger. (If your plant doesn’t have a nursery pot, then DIY your own using food containers.) Just be careful not to overwater and check from time to time to make sure there’s no excess water sitting at the bottom. A little bit is fine; too much will drown your plant.
  • Water more frequently. If there’s one thing I took away from middle school science class, it’s that hot air rises and cold air sinks. The air closer to your ceiling is warmer and drier than air near the floor, so your hanging plants might need a bit more watering than floor plants. But remember: Overwatering will quickly kill hanging plants that can’t drain.
  • Don’t be afraid to prune. Trimming the dead and scraggly leaves will encourage your plant to grow lusher leaves and flowers in their place. I learned this when I trimmed what felt like way too many leaves from one of my hanging plants, only to find new ones growing back with a happy vengeance in no time.
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Empower your green friends to stand out with this macrame hanger that includes a ceramic planter. The geometric planter comes in two colors — light pink or grayish blue — and holds any small plant. It's somewhat boho, somewhat modern, and all personality. And because it doesn't have a drainage hole, you can hang it anywhere without worrying about water dripping inside your home.

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If you're all about crochet, these two-toned handmade planters were made especially for you. There are two different sizes and 41 fabric colors to choose from, which means you can pick the combo that really speaks to you to pretty up your home. It’s tempting to try them alllll

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was $24.99

Can you even with this little guy? Plant your favorite small succulents in the belly of this adorable smiling ceramic sloth, and hang it anywhere that could use a little extra cheer. And if you really love sloths, grab this sitting sloth planter as well and the two can be buddies.

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Give your indoor jungle a boho feel with one of these hand-knotted hangers. Each one is made from natural cotton string and includes a wooden ring so you can conveniently hang it from a ceiling hook or wall mount. The neutral color means it'll look good with any color and style of planter. For plant inspiration, consider using ones with long stems such as pothos to complement the dangling fibers.

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The Sill

Perk up your place with this playful peachy terrazzo planter that's handmade in Australia. It has a pluggable drainage hole on the bottom for letting out excess water and has an adjustable hanging cord so you can change the length to fit your space best. This is great for adding a pop of color and pizzazz with smaller plants.

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This set of hanging planters has three sizes — small, medium, and large — to let you arrange multiple plants in a well-coordinated style. The planters themselves are made of metal and have a ceramic-like finish that gives them a rustic, farmhouse look. The hanging straps are made of faux leather and have a sturdy metal ring at the top that you can secure to your ceiling or hook onto a wall.

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Pottery Barn

Go full modern with this chic iron hanging planter. It has a bolo-style rope that you can easily adjust to get the exact length you want and includes a removable stoneware pot. Choose either white or black (or get one of each to really make a decor statement) and hang it either from the ceiling or on a wall. This is a super elegant way to bring a little plant life into your home without going full green thumb.

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West Elm

A distinctive shape and even more distinctive design give this planter as much function as style. Designed by April Nemeth of Little Korboose design house, the planter features a half-moon-shaped vase made from hand-thrown stoneware that April then paints in her playful Rainbow Road design.