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7 Ways to Fake the Look of a Custom Finish for Less, According to Designers

Custom decor and finishes can make a room gorgeous, but they often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, interior designers have found seven ways to DIY faux finishes that  can give you that custom look for way less. 

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Use removable panels that add character to walls

When you can’t afford to install pricey wood panels on the walls of your home, Stikwood Peel+Stik Planks, which are backed with strong but temporary adhesive stickers, are the next best thing.

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Give furniture an antique-inspired finish

To upgrade a lackluster side table with the illusion of a weathered patina, give it a faux finish with an umber-colored glaze or stain, chalk paint, and wax for the timeworn look.

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Consider stone-patterned wallpaper or stencils

To add some pre-war charm without major renovations, apply stone-inspired wallpaper. Try a graphic but uniform pebbly shapes or a more abstract, cross-sectional quartz motif that spans a full wall.

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Expose the brick under your walls

The brickwork under the drywall or plaster walls of your home is brimming with design potential. If you can’t do any excavating, you can also find fairly convincing “brick” temporary wallpaper and paneling designs.

Image Credit: Sara Essex Bradley

Use limewash paint to patina a wall

If you love the look of old school plaster walls, affordable limewash paint can  score a similar look. Portola’s line of limewash paints are made with a lime-based finish, so the color naturally softens and changes over time like the real deal.

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Try tile-style removable wallpaper

When you can’t afford a pricey tiled backsplash or accent wall, removable tile-patterned wallpaper can achieve a comparable effect for much less moolah.

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Apply paper accents to a wall for a 3D effect

To bring depth and dimension to the walls of a kid’s room without spending a small fortune, add 3D paper flowers to the space.

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