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7 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolution Survives the February Slump

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It’s human to make resolutions that you end up breaking, but it might be time to consider that maybe the problem is not you, it is the way you set yourself up. 

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From being specific about what you actually want to achieve, to allowing for escape hatches and pivots, here are seven tips for approaching your resolutions in a way that sticks for good.

1. Figure out what YOU want—and why you want it.

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2. Find a balance between broad self-development and tangible goals.

3. Focus on beginning rather than completing.

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Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

4. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and work from there.

 5. Practice gratitude every day. 

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6. Value the people in your life.

 7. Work on adapting, and preparing for the unknown.

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