11 Finishing Touches for a Room that Interior Designers Swear By


Image Credit:  Minette Hand

We asked home designers for their favorite finishing touches that really tie a space together. Here are the teeny, tiny details they turn to again and again. 

Image Credit:  Sarah Crowley

Image Credit:  Shalena Smith


Deck your walls

Art is great, or try a wall-mounted candle, says designer Shalena Smith.

Image Credit: Julia Steele


Top it off with a tray

A tray can add color and texture to a surface and looks much more intentional than having everything strewn about, says Erin West of Havenly.

Image Credit: Viv Yapp


Dress up your dining room table

Try beautiful placemats, cheerful coasters, and colorful napkin rings, says Kira Faiman of Von Gern Home.

Image Credit: Emily Billings


Light a (scented) candle

"Scents add a finishing touch to a space," says Tina Ramchandani of Tina Ramchandani Creative. 

Image Credit: Nadja Endler


Add mood lighting

If you want all of your lighting to feel intentional, polished, and customizable, install dimmers, says designer Jean Liu.

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley


Pile on the plants

Nothing beats greenery, says designer Breegan Jane.

Image Credit: Viv Yapp


Play with texture

Add in at least one thing that’s very tactile, suggests designer John McClain. Think a shag pillow, rug, pottery, a knit throw, or a woven basket.

Image Credit: Rikki Snyder


Give your trim special treatment

Go outside of your comfort zone with your trim, says Christina Coop of Hygge & West, and it’ll turn into the perfect finishing touch feature.

Image Credit: Adrienne Breaux


Bring in good vibes with crystals

These beautiful, natural objects play with light and reflections in special ways, says Alessandra Wood of Modsy.

Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom


Put your personality on display

A family photo or meangingful memento will also speak to others, says Genevieve Trousdale of Circa Genevieve.

Image Credit: Rickey Film and Photo


Build a vignette

For added visual interest, group three items in varying heights, say Janelle Hughes and Kim R. Williams.


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