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10 Kitchen Trends to Look Out for in 2022, According to Designers

Image Credit: Samantha Whillock

While no one can fully predict what the future will hold, interior designers do have a pretty good sense of what to expect for kitchen trends you’ll see in 2022. 

Image Credit: Christy Kosnic for Heather DiSabella

Mesh cabinet doors

They’re a modern alternative to traditional glass doors, and they bring in a completely different texture and level of openness. 

Image Credit: Kirsten Francis for Isabella Patrick

Pops of wallpaper

No more all-white kitchens.  Clients want to incorporate unexpected details, like fun wallpaper, to make their space their own. 

Image Credit: Amy Bartlam for Amy Sklar

Antique kitchen islands

Use a cool piece of antique furniture, like a rectory table, in place of a standard island. Brings a sense of airiness to the space. 

Image Credit: Lime Tree Home

Open shelving 

Open shelving is not a new trend but it’s still popular for its ability to open up a space dramatically. Plus, it makes for easy access to stuff! 

Image Credit: Samantha Whillock

Green hues

“Green will be a top choice for kitchen designers in 2022. It’ to stay, especially with it being named color of the year!” —Designer Ashley Colombo

Image Credit: Anne Lauer

Sneaky storage hacks

“Maximizing any room’s functionality — especially a kitchen — is key." Think appliance garages and wall organization —Designer Elaine Burns 

Image Credit: Julia Furlong

Little to no cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware has been replaced with tab pulls that are barely visible or notches in the side of doors, creating a contemporary look. 

Image Credit: Tim Geaney

Minimalist surfaces and lighting

Clients are gravitating toward a cleaner, more modern look with recessed lights over hanging pendants, and outlets built underneath cabinets. 

Image Credit: Albrica Tierra

Bold colored kitchens

“The kitchen is the fulcrum of the family home and should better reflect the personality of the residents.” —Designer Patti Hoech 

Image Credit: Anice Hoachlander for Elizabeth Kannan

Mixing metals, countertop materials, and cabinet colors

It’s all about mixing and matching for a lived-in look.