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6 Outdated Entryway Features That Homebuyers Always Notice


Image Credit: Ashley LeDuc

When it comes to a home for sale, what’s on the outside counts. Nail it and your home could sell faster and for a higher price. Here are seven entryway features to avoid.

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Sticky Door Hardware 

An old latch and lock that sticks or is too loose can create a negative vibe before buyers set foot in the home. 

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Oval Lite Front Doors 

Front doors with large oval-frosted privacy glass are out. Homebuyers are looking for doors with glass that let in lots of light. 

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Entryway Closet 

Is the small entryway coat closet past its prime? Buyers are looking for larger entry spaces to add in a bench and peg hooks to create a focal point. 

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Old School Chandeliers

Swapping out dated chandeliers for a modern version with clean lines will give a better impression to buyers and guests. 

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Boob Lights 

Is there any light fixture more outdated or builder-grade than the boob light? It’s always one of the first things on a buyer’s to-do list. 

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Mini-Paneled Front Doors

Those doors with a seemingly endless number of small square panels can make buyers anticipate an outdated house.