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6 Scandinavian Home Decor Trends You Won’t Regret, According to Designers


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If you're a fan of Scandinavian interiors, here’s some good news: Scandi style’s modern, simple, and functional ethos lends itself to being long-lasting. Here’s a designer-approved list of Scandinavian trends you won’t regret investing in.

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Gustavian Furniture

Designer Courtney McLeod of Right Meets Left Interior Design suggests investing in Swedish furniture done in the Gustavian style. “The delicate details, beautiful proportions, and airy finishes perfectly complement contemporary interiors.”

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Pops of Robin’s Egg Blue

Scandinavian interiors use mostly neutral and natural tones, with the exception of one particular color: robin’s egg blue, a calming, cool hue that plays well with the whites and blonde woods of Scandi style.

Image Credit: Winkie Visser

Natural Touches

"Displays of nature can add living elements to the home and allow you to bring natural colors to the normally white, grey, and muted shades typical of Scandinavian design,” says designer Nina Barnieh-Blair of NinaBDesign.

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High Contrast Hues

"Light woods that have subtle variations in color, like blonde wood with pink undertones work incredibly well with black, charcoal, and deep blues.”

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Tonal Texture

Textured elements help provide visual interest and depth to a Scandinavian-style room, which can be fairly monochromatic.

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Clean-Lined Furnishings

To complement the less-is-more, airy Scandi look, many designers suggest investing in unique and modern furnishings with clean lines, especially ones created or inspired by iconic Scandinavian designers.

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