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5 Things That Immediately Give Real Estate Agents “The Ick”

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Kids these days will tell you “the ick” is a sudden turnoff. I asked real estate agents to share their turn-offs. Here are their five ick inducers.

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Strong Scent Plug-Ins 

There’s nothing worse than an overpowering perfumed scent that is so strong that it takes your attention away from the home itself.

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Listing Photos Shot with Wide Angles

Wide-angle photos make properties look way bigger than they actually are, which can leave buyers disappointed IRL. 

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Cocky Photos of Listing Agents 

It’s almost a real estate cliché: You meet an agent who poses in a luxury car, dripping in diamonds or a giant Rolex. 

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Cosmetic Updates That Sacrifice Functionality

Like a walk-in shower with not enough sloping for proper drainage and kitchen drawers that block one another from opening. 

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Sellers Adding an “Emotional Tax” When Pricing Properties

Just because you grew up in the house doesn’t mean it’s worth $100K more than what the comps say.