7 Things Making Your Kitchen Feel
So Much Smaller, According to Real Estate Agents


Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

If you want your kitchen to look and feel bigger, you probably don’t need to commit to a full-on reno. Here are 7 simple mistakes that real estate agents say may be making your kitchen seem more cramped than it is — and how to fix them.

Image Credit:  Emma Pilkington


Cluttered countertops

Too many gadgets, plus a bunch of cookbooks, can quickly clutter your countertops and make your space feel small. If you’re not using small appliances on a daily basis, and you’ve got the cupboard space, stash them away.

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Too much artwork 

Decluttering your wall space can also open up your kitchen. Curate your art to one scalable or large print to draw the eye to one place. 

Image Credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente


Hanging pots and pans 

When pots and pans are hanging from center islands, it makes the whole space feel smaller. If you don’t have ample storage space, find a more streamlined solution for where to place them.

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez


Dim lighting 

Natural and bright lights will make the space feel more open and airy than dimmed lights. Heavy, dark curtains can also overwhelm a kitchen so let that natural light in.

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A cramped layout

If it’s impossible to maneuver around a dishwasher or oven when it’s opened, the kitchen plan isn’t just cramped but also inefficient and dangerous.

Image Credit:  Lana Kenney


Dark cabinets

Replacing solid cabinet doors with glass-front doors can add visual depth, tricking the eye into thinking the kitchen is more spacious.

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez


A busy backsplash

While backsplashes are on trend, the busy ones don’t usually make sense in smaller kitchens. A classic white subway tile, on the other hand, works well in a smaller kitchen.

Image Credit: Lana Kenney


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