8 Unexpected Color Combinations Interior Designers Are Loving

Image Credit: Zeke Ruelas

When used correctly, a surprising color combo can turn any drab room into a dynamic one. 

We asked 8 designers what unexpected color pairings can work wonders in a humdrum room, and here’s what they recommended…

1. Sage green and steel blue

Image Credit: Marcus Ford

2. Chartreuse and black-and-white

Image Credit: Ilya Zobanov

3. Purple and orange

Image Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Cannon Limited

4. Magenta and yellow

Image Credit: Grey Crawford

5. Purple and green

Image Credit: Rayon Richards

6. Pink and teal

Image Credit:  Ashley Whiteside

7. Turquoise and yellow/gold

Image Credit:  Ryan Garvin

8. Blue and orange

Image Credit:  Zeke Ruelas