7 Unexpected Wood Flooring Ideas That Are Extremely Cool


Image Credit: Dana McMahan

it just takes a little imagination to get them there.

Believe it or not, your wood floors are brimming with design opportunities—

Image Credit: Dana McMahan
Image Credit: Nasozi Kakembo

To prove our point, we rounded up seven unexpected but stylish wood floor ideas that will quickly transform the vibe of an entire room—

from hand-painted patterns to pink staircases and beyond!

Image Credit: Pati Robins

If you thought mismatched wooden floors couldn’t look sophisticated, then it’s time to think again. Follow in blogger Pati Robins’ footsteps and use salvaged wood in different shades to score an eye-catching, patchwork-inspired kitchen floor.

1. Mix and Match Wood Tones

Image Credit: Ken Hayden

A little pink paint makes a huge difference. Case in point: The blush-painted wood stairs inside this Palm Beach Home, also designed by Caroline Rafferty. The color livens up the narrow staircase without overpowering the rest of the eclectic decor in the space.

2. Pale Pink Stairs for the Win

Image Credit: Drew Hoffpauir

Why settle for plain wood floors in your bathroom when you can have patterned ones instead? Take a cue from Lance Thomas and Drew Hoffpauir of Louisiana-based Room Service and paint a cream-and-sand colored check pattern in your bathroom for a modern twist on old school black-and-white tiles.

3. Reimagine Traditional Tile Floors

Image Credit: Brittany Purlee

Nothing opens up a small room faster than a coat of glossy white paint. Create the illusion of more space in your cramped living room with a monochrome palette of white walls and floors, as seen in Kate Levinson and Mike Muschong’s Chicago home.

4. Brighten Up a Small Space

Image Credit: Ken Hayden

Looking for a creative way to add depth and dimension to a neutral room? Take a cue from interior designer Caroline Rafferty and paint a white trellis pattern on pale gray floors to create the illusion of a textured rug, just like she had artist Joseph Steiert do in this Palm Beach Home.

5. Paint a Subtle Pattern

Image Credit: Submitted by Meghan

Not ready to commit to painting every inch of your wood floors? Try this idea out in a small space instead. Here, this homeowner used painter’s tape and black paint to create a tile-inspired pattern in her bathroom, and the end result is striking.

6. Focus on a Tiny Area First

Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

If you feel like your room is lacking a focal point, paint one. Try an undulating two-tone pattern like the black-and-white waves spotted in Matt Austin’s Brooklyn studio.

7. Get Wavy

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